What are some money saving hacks while travelling solo?

As a frequent traveller I have tried some techniques to save money while travelling solo, here are some:

  1. While planning the trip always prefer to visit the place during off-seasons, because at that time the prices of the hotels declines.
  2. Do proper research about the place where you are planning for the trip, some of the good sources are travel blogs.
  3. While booking tickets try to do at last time because as you are alone you do not have the pressure about others and try searching good deals at different travel sites.
  4. Always prefer hotels away from the tourist destinations because the prices are high at hot tourist spots.
  5. In city or town prefer bus services instead to auto or cab.
  6. Try to cover most of the parts inside the city by walking because by walking you will enjoy the street foods and have the opportunity to know about the place closely.
  7. Observe local people and there behaviour because that observation will help you a lot to know about the place and you will understand how to bargain and deal with people.
  8. Always pretend like a someone who is a frequent visitor to the place so that local service providers will not going to cheat you.
  9. Try to carry minimum to minimum items with you so that you can easily do long walking.
  10. Prepare your itinerary by taking guidance from the travel blogs and then travel according to your itinerary. You can do minor changes according to your comfort by consulting the locals but don't trust blindly.
  11. Always google about the discounts for services don't pay blindly.

These are some of the hacks followed by me hopefully some of them might work for you also. Keep travelling and don't forget to visit my travel blog at Travel Trap - Stop Thinking And Start Tripping for crazy information's and can contact at contact.traveltrap@gmail.com for any travel related query and planning. Thanking you and keep travelling.

There's a simple saying when you travel - if you miss a train, you lose money or you lose time.

The single best "hack" to save yourself from losing money (or time) is therefore meticulous planning.

I have seen a lot of people who say "we'll see when to leave when we get there". It's an incredibly lazy thought process that you have to compensate with your wallet. My trips have always been meticulously planned, and I still ended up spending more money than I expected (but not as much as some of my other friends).

Europe, US and Japan have extremely punctual transport systems, and planning and following is almost a no-brainer. SEA and India are slightly less punctual, but keeping buffer time and planning helps again.

You thus end up experiencing more of the places you visit rather than running helter skelter in an unknown location trying to figure out what to do next.

Here are some simple hacks that will help you save money while you are traveling alone.

  • If you are taking a flight, check for the flights with odd timings. They are usually low in cost. And try to book in as advance as possible, the fair will be lower.
  • Instead of renting a single car, go for the local cars where you can go for share. The costing will be less.
  • try to travel during off-season. The hotel ad transport prices are usually low at this time.
  • If you are planning on traveling outside of the country, make sure to keep an eye on the exchange rates. Look for places having a good exchange rate to cost-of-living ratio, this will help you save money.
  • There are lots of hostels are available these days for tourists. You can consider this co-sleeping place to save money. Some hostels are so good they can even rival a boutique hotel.
  • Single rooms in different hostels can be availed at low cost. You can look out for those.
  • Always pack light. Paying for those baggage fees are unnecessary.
  • Depending on how much time you are going to spend on your vacation, consider purchasing a local sim card to avoid rooming fees.

Hope some of these would help you with your vacation. Nut make sure you plan everything before you leave. Google about the place to get more information. You can even visit a tourism company to get details on low cost hotels and transport. All the best.

In no particular order: pack clothes in basic colors that all go together (I do black, beige, and red or green with a couple of scarves in different colors. Carry spot remover and laundry detergent with you and wash something every night so you can avoid laundromats. Also carry snacks like individual packs of peanuts, sunflower seeds, cookies. When you go to a place that has a water fountain, fill up your water bottle and throw some lime or lemon juice in there to keep it fresh. carry a good cooler. Eat 1/2 of your meal and put the rest in the cooler. Fill it at the motel. Negotiate the cost of motel rooms. Leave the interstate and go into a small town. Wait until the lobby is empty before you go into a mom and pop motel and ask if they can give you a break since you're on a long-awaited tour of America and on a strict budget and what should you see before you leave their charming little town?

If you are travelling solo, then you could use the following hacks.

  • Always try to walk to explore attractions which are nearby. You are travelling solo so you have no family o obligation. Take your time to walk, it is better than spending money on an vehicle.
  • If you are travelling a major city of India, buy a day bus pass. This will allow you to catch any bus and travel anywhere. In Delhi, it costs 50 bucks. It will save the unnecessary expenditure of catching a taxi every now and then.
  • If you have internet access, use Google Maps religiously. Check all the possible public transport routes. It is accurate and really helps me to travel punctually. It saves me a lot of money.
  • Never live near tourist spots. Rather get a hotel near a residential area. Transportation Cost + Rent of hotel in residential area is cheaper than the rent of hotel in tourist spots
  • Same goes for dining. In tourist spots, the food is overpriced and below par. If you visit a restaurant in a residential area, chances of getting authentic and good quality food are higher.

These are tried and tested methods and you will surely save your money.

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