What are some 'must-see' places when I visit Montana?

The "must see" places in Montana are numerous.

Fishing the Bighorn River is great. Putting on a diving mask or goggles and jumping into the water to see thousands of fish is "must see."

Glacier National Park is awesome. Going to the Sun Road is "must see."

I-90 is amazing in its variety, from the rolling hills of Eastern Montana to the winding mountain passes in the West. Experiencing the Yellowstone river between Livingston and Billings by train is "must see."

Eddie's Corner: "must see." Kidding, but if you want to drive fast, this is a good choice. Flat, straight, good visibility.

And of course there is the crown jewel of the national park system, Yellowstone. While mostly in Wyoming, Montanans claim it as their own. Get off the main roads and explore. The Yellowstone backcountry is the ultimate "must see."

Even more than wolves, grizzly bears are the ultimate "must see." Two weeks ago in an undisclosed location:

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