What are some no-sweat exercises that still make a person lose weight?

Good Question Actually. Cant explain within quora. I have added a detailed article here. You can check it out if you have some time :)

Many seek hot yoga classes for that very reason for they seem like the perfect combination of fitness and purification. But these classes invite injuries, because pushing a relaxed body can cause people to overdo and exceed their limitations. There are many other activities where the main goal is to endure stress, and it's just a matter of time before injuries and imbalances set in. Athletes want to be powerful and skillful, not beat down their bodies. You must be wise in your pursuit of fitness so you don't harm the body, but take it to peak performance level instead.

The truth is that sweating raises body temperature, creating more inflammation and, in the long run, loss of mobility in the joints. Your heart rate is higher and your endocrine system is taxed. If you sweat too much, you also throw off your electrolyte balance. Digestion shuts down, and because you're in survival mode, the sympathetic nervous system takes over and the recovery doesn't happen because the parasympathetic system cannot take effect. The mind slows and you feel sluggish.

Would you leave the person you love for their betterment?

Yes, if you surely know that your breakup or being apart can actually prosper his betterment, you can. However, if the person loves you madly, may it be anything he/she would achieve in life, it wont be worth without you on his/her side.

When is the end of times?

If we do not go extinct as a species or get wiped out by an Asteroid or suffer a global ice age or any other catastrophic event the end of time for this earth and its inhabitants will be (Wikipedia) During the

How does muscle increase in size from street workouts such as pull-ups or push-ups?

I will keep this shortest possible.To build muscle, you need progressive overload on muscles AND Increased Protein intake to repair that tissue and some amount of carbs to spike insulin that helps influx of that protein into the muscle as