What are some of the best English names Chinese people give themselves, but are not generally found outside China?

I am the only Chinese who don't use Eng name in my current company where I am surrounded by colleagues naming themselves in creative but weird if not wacky names.  Purely out of my interest I am trying to make summary on these spectacular Eng names.

1, very common and easily pronounced Eng names, without any traits of abnormality : Lucy Liu, Mark Wang, Mike Zhang etc. They are often newly recruits who attend little college and whose English skills are approximately 0, they are almost randomly assigned to these names by their supervisors and other colleagues. The company hope every of its junior recruits to adopt an Eng name because we are one of the " International Big 500"

2, vocabulary of adorable meaning/friuty flavor but rarely adopted in naming: Kitty, Catty, Milky, Juicy, Sweet, etc, and of course food and fruit word, Miel, Apple, Sherry, Cherry, Chocolate, Lemon, Cake, Pie, Melon whatever you can find in bakery store and on Sunday farmer market.
Particularly young ladies in sales and customer support units adopted these names, they believe in/convince themselves a "sweet personality" in them, and wish/order to  express "the sweetness" and be smiley to customers and everyone around at work. Make sense, huh?

3, same "goes with my personality" but not the fruit symptom. a girl of outgoing personality of happiness, yes she names herself Shinny, Sunny, Sunshine,Neon; peaceful mind and heart? Smooth(Smoothie goes the above category), Silky, Nature. In general this approach is not offending, who don't enjoy sunshine in California, however,  I did meet a girl named Psycho, and a guy called Mental, really hoped they do not pick up the name following their mind.

4,  Graduate from engineering and science either have boring names or extremely weird ones. These guys strongly wish to express "coolness" through their names, but rarely do they  know any truly cool names for male in Eng, so they turn to cool things and English word they know in their life, usually mechanic terminology, military equipment, car brands and scientific phenomenon.....
Typhoon: not for the Greek myth entity nor weather storm, the guy picked up the name for the gigantic Russian nuclear submarine, Typhoon class. He thinks of it cool, he uses it. Weapon worshiping is quite usual among young guys. Same thought applies for Lancer, Adatz, Axe, Rapier, Grinder. The extreme case is a guy called himself Slasher!

Spam: really cool in pronunciation, right? Th guy used it because he wants to be a great hacker to harasser the internet.

Ferrari: the user is a girl, and this is her dream car. She also likes dressing in zealous red. In an interview I came across a guy named himself GTR, I laughed and told him this better wont be printed on name card.

Cobra: the guy believes that a snake is the coolest predator in nature, a cobra is among the coolest of the snakes. He wants to be the coolest among the coolest, hence it works. Same theory goes for Wyvern, Rattler, Panther, Griffon, etc

Demonic/mythic entities learnt from games and TV/Lord of Rings, very cool as boss and character in game but bold to use as name in reality: Fiend, Sorcerer, Lucifer, Dracula, Avatar, Behemoth, Kane, Lich, Azarael, Cerberus etc

Terminology in elemental physics and chemistry: Quantum, Ion, Lithium, Oxonian, Halogen, Atom, Hydro, Gamma,
The coolest/worst one I know is Singularity, surprisingly the guy did not study physics.

5, they embrace Hollywood movie ,Western Tv opera, BBC series, NBA, Euro Football...... and are amused by some characters in the show. They copy the character's name in hope of copying their talent and gut in drama.
Micheal Scotfield, Jack Bauer, Lebron James, Wayne Rooney, House, James Kirk, Kobe.... etc

6, or, they have read some western novel/myth/Japanese manga/travel diaries written in fact by Chinese and decide to copy the names of ancient big men/queens.
Athena,  Juno, Odin,  Asgard, Troy, Ophelia,Romeo (no bad) Hadrian, Titus, Titan, Zeus (how can their boss stand this)

7, vocabulary that shows nobleness, because namers themselves dream to become someone high in the hierarchy: Baron, Duke, Charles, Marcus, Crown, Louis, Victoria, Elizabeth.

8, Place they believe as the most heavenly outpost on the earth where they must go visiting for at least once in their life. Sadly in reality their boss don't even let lose a long weekend paid leave.
Yosemite: we have two Yosemite girl in the company.
Paris: where you can buy Louis something on discount?
California: there takes more than a long weekend....
Tahiti, Tajmahal, Seattle (thanks for the movie the sleepless)

9, ***an(a)**a:alphabetical order widely  adopted by middle-senior level women manager in their Eng names:
Miranda, Amanda, Yollanda, Esmerada, Andalusia, Ellanora, Juliana  
hunt for these names in the management board of Estee, Channel and L oreal in China. The closer ones are Melissa, Natasha, Catalina, Olivia

10, lots of junior-middle level female managers use Eng name starting with letter J:
Jennifer, Jane, Joan, Joanna, Jenny, Jasmine, Judy, Jollin.

11, some literally translate the word in their Chinese name into English, or pick up english words sounding close to their Chinese name
Bin: the guy;s Chinese name sounds Bin.
Drilling: same story as above
Thought:the Chinese consists of word meaning thinking.
Happy: the Chinese name means "to be happy"
Bamboo: same theory as above

12, CRAZY to the extreme names used by young students and intern workers purely to show off the "uniqueness" in their personality.

one intern girl names Seven, another calls herself Zero, I think I must arrange them to work in the same office.

Reloading, a name used by an IT technician.
Burger, Chicken and Donut.
You will also run into a lot of young students named Bin Laden and Jihad.
Wonderman, Lasher, Spaghetti, Alps, Diesel, Last, Pony, Whisky, Mantis , Prism, from the turned-away resume I can recall, cant see any logic behind the names.
and some deliberately mis-spelled ones:
Ynksal, Aarooer, Peder, Zaduga. I doubt these name exsit in English
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