What are some of the best Hollywood movies worth watching? (no Marvel or DC)

Hey, There are a lot to watch. That's according to the genre you love. If you're a thriller movies' lover, then you should start with Psycho( Mother of all thriller movies), Fight club, Seven, Shutter island, Orphan. These are some good thriller movies.

Titanic, little manhattan, when harry met sally, The notebook are good romantic movies.

Goodfellas, The godfather, scarface are best gangster movies.

On a whole, i suggest everyone to watch The shawshank redemption, Pulp fiction, The godfather, Fight club, schindler's list (Best movies of all time).

Is 50 too old to have kids?

Dear Mark:Say 15 years from now, If you can stay and maintain decent physical fitness perhaps you are not too old to have kids.On the other hand, if you are experiencing poor health now and anticipating a hard time in the future, then perhaps bringing a child to the world may not be a grand idea.

What is your favorite science-related picture?

A 28-foot-long (8.5 meters) drag mark ends with the fossil of the animal that made it.Sometime between 163 million and 145 million years ago, the lonely corpse of a dead ammonite gently rucked up the ocean floor, driven by calm and constant currents.

Who has been Hollywood's biggest star?

Well.. ofcourse there are so many stars in Hollywood too.. just like the way we are having here in India..(Bollywood & South alike)But in Hollywood...movie/franchise is always bigger than any particular star.. That's how the filmmakers/studios run their business there and that's the reason they are always on top of their game than the rest of the world..