What are some of the best ethical hacking institutes in Nepal?

There are so many stuff out there for learning Ethical Hacking, but get training from one of the best training center so that you can be an expert in this field.

A career in Ethical Hacking is increasing speedily among various organisations to secure their confidential and private data from the hackers.

As you have the great interest to become an ethical hacker then start learning from today.

Which is a better point and shoot: a camera or a mobile phone camera?

If you are up for professional photography then go for digital SLR camera.Few of the basic DSLRs in the market:Nikon D3300Nikon D5300Nikon D3400Canon EOS 1100Canon EOS 1200Otherwise you can buy good mobile phone. In today's market, some of the camera phones are at par with DSLRs. I am mentioning few of those here:iPhone 7 plusSamsung Galaxy

Why are high school teachers so tired?

One of the big reasons is: we're older.You know how, as a high school student, you feel exhausted and overburdened every day?Well, as an adult, your body is going to change. Your brain is going to change. You'll no longer be able to pull all-nighters and stay up until 3

What is the secret to Microsoft's success?

In their 2005 annual report, Microsoft lists its financial  highlights. The "Cash & Short Term Investments" entry for 2005  really stands out. It's amazing that such a large company has nearly $38  billion in the bank. That cash allows Microsoft to be adaptable. While  most dominating companies retrench defensively to preserve