What are some of the little things that I should do to make my life better?

  • Get organised. Put back things to their places after you have used them.
  • Be grateful to people who've helped/are helping make your life better.
  • Do a physical activity everyday that makes your heart beat faster.
  • Eliminate time wasters and self-serving people from your life.
  • As much as possible, eat food that's cooked at home.
  • Don't be on your telephone when going off to sleep.
  • Don't skip breakfast. Eat at least three meals a day.
  • Have at least one meal a day with your family.
  • Start saving the day you start earning.
  • Be present. Practise self-awareness.
  • Spend at least an hour in the open.
  • Purchase only what you need.
  • Set goals and pursue them.
  • Relax your body.
  • Love yourself.
  • Read books.
  • Walk.
  • Help others.
  • Listen to people.
  • Don't waste words.
  • Organise your house.
  • Organise your workplace.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • Drink 7–8 glasses of water everyday.
  • Keep learning something new everyday.
  • Don't get too attached to material things.
  • Increase self-reliance and decrease dependence.
  • Don't give free advice to those who don't value it.
  • See good in the painful and opportunity in challenges.
  • Take free advice. That's one thing most people give for free.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and don't look for excuses.
  • Learn to forgive. Holding grudges harms you more than anyone else.
  • Learn to prioritise. Do what's most important first and then get to next.

1. Finding money in your pocket that you didn't know you had. That too if you got a 500 Rs.
2. Being asked by someone who cares how you are doing. Especailly your School-College-Tuition Crush's.
3. Climbing into bed when you have fresh sheets. That sweet smell of Surf or whatever your mum uses and that too feeling that after returning home after a long lousy days.
4. Taking an extra-long bath or shower when you have some free time. Using menthol shampoo which gives you the feeling that you are having an ice pack on your head.
5. Smiling at a child you see in public. And Smirk from a staff nurse.
6. Receiving a 5 minute leg massage from your father or mother.
7. Cuddling someone before you have to get up and start your day.
8. Waking up and realizing it is a sunny, beautiful day.
9. Having a long phone conversation with someone you care about and haven't spoken to in a while.
10. Watching the rain fall when you have nowhere to be, and you can curl up on the sofa, and have a hot tea with Marie biscuts.11. Watching children playing and laughing together, reminding you of the joy in the world.
12. Spending some time with your pets – or animals in general!
13. A stranger giving you a genuine smile and its a beautifu girl.
14. Having a nice, long stretch when you first wake up to get your body moving.
15. Laughing out loud at a funny memory with your whole gang.
16. A gesture of kindness from someone in your life – as simple as your child helping you cook dinner.
17. A smell you love, from baked bread from your street bakery or flower smell from the Flower selling Akka.
18. A meaningful, long hug from somebody you care about.
19. Putting on clothes after they have been warmed under the sun for the whole day and its smell.
20. Taking a few moments alone when things get hectic.
21. Watching the sunset or the sunrise on the beach.
22. The smell outside after the rain has stopped.
23. Listening to your favorite artist or album.
24. Receiving a letter from a friend. Nostalgic!!
25. The chance to be creative, from painting an old set of drawers to doodling a picture.
26. Holding hands with someone you love.
27. Eating your breakfast with Sun Tv's Vanakkam Tamizhagam.
28. Playing a game you used to love when you were younger.
29. Eating healthy, tasty food that makes you feel good about yourself.
30. An extra half an hour to snooze in bed, that too on an exam day.
31. Having some time to yourself to read a book you love.
32. Buying your favorite drink or snack and savoring it.
33. Receiving sweets from your neighbours.
34. Eating your lunch outside in the sun with your friends and fighting for that one delicious dish your friend have.
35. Trying out a new recipe and creating something delicious.
36. A gesture of support from your friends or family.
37. Listening to a song you used to love and haven't heard in years.
38. Taking the time to help someone with their problems.
39. Spending time in your home when it is tidy and clean.
40. Achieving a small victory, like fixing a light bulb, and getting a window seat in a bus.

So far, my only goals I have in life are as follows:

1 - Get out of school. I don't care if I drop out, graduate, or anything. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to get up at some ungodly time to go to school for eight hours. Don't even get me started on homework, annoying "friends," and being one of the only kids in my entire school who actually enjoys anime.

2 - Move out as soon as I can. I can't stand my house, even though my entire family is very loving. Mostly, anyway. My siblings all like to barge into my room (for some reason, it always happens when I'm changing or doing something private), make fun of me at every chance they get, and blame me for everything they do. They make living at home hell.

3 - Change my name. I hate my birth name, "Cecilia," and am starting to go by the name "Wendy" instead. It's the name of one of my favorite characters (Wendy Marvell, not Wendy Darling. Sorry, Peter Pan fans :/). I think it sounds really awesome and way better than my original name. Cecilia is way too girly for my tastes. Wendy is short, to the point, and EASY TO SPELL AND PRONOUNCE. Jeez. I can't stand people who can't grasp the concept that my name isn't "Celia" or "CeCe." Drives me crazy.

4 - Become a better artist and hopefully someday work in the manga/anime industry. Enough said.


5 - Ditch one guy who claims he's my best friend. Okay, he's a drama queen, everything's always about him, and he does stupid things to get attention. He once threw a calculator across the room, tripped and threw his books all over the floor, repeatedly ignored everything the teacher said, and talked all the time in homeroom. My former teacher kept putting him next to me simply because he was always talking to me, leading him to believe that we were friends. My new teachers for homeroom absolutely hate him. I asked them to move me away from him, so they complied and switched everyone's seats around (yes, my school still does the whole assigned seats thing. It's stupid, really.)

ANYWAY. This is what I want to accomplish in life, as of right now. They will probably change in the next few years, so ehh.

See ya!

-Wendy (Not Cecilia XD)

Be Original to yourself;

Originally answered to ;

What are some of the little things that I should do to make my life better?

Hey there, yes you a beautiful soul out here Wanna hear a story or an experience, hope it will help you in some or the other way;

Lets start ;

Back in 2011 I was a studious nerd , to an extent that I never bothered about how I looked, somehow maybe due to saturation effect and other problems I couldn't focus on studies, I remember clearly I was in 9th grade,

Syllabus was tough for a newbie,I never had friends,I somehow passed but I was depressed , somehow I regained myself and passed 10th with flying colors.

There were times when I cried my heart out, because everyone used to tell me, you can do nothing, you can never achieve anything, your status is mere 40% .

These were the exact words from a person whom I adored the most, I was shattered into pieces.

I had only one loyal friend throughout my whole school life, who thankfully stayed loyal. Now my situation was miserable , I had all sorts of problems both mentally physically and socially, so I exactly followed the given points, and I'm quite healthy now. :)

So coming to the point ; what you should do in such situations

  1. Never ever loose your confidence, if you have none than build up! You are one of a beautiful souls ever existed, remember you are unique in your own way, no one I repeat, no one has the right to let you down. Don't ever let yourself down due to such people.

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