What are some of the most amazing things your high school teacher did?

I had to think about this for a minute because nothing was coming to me-but then I remembered Ms. Rita Johnson, my senior English teacher. She wanted to record a TV presentation of Hamlet for us, I think it was the one with Richard Chamberlain. This was in the day before people had VCRs in their homes, but our school had one. The tapes were about the size of a shoe box. Anyway, Ms. Johnson invited some of us, mostly girls as I remember, to come with her to the school that evening and set up the taping device. There wasn't a timer for the recording so we had to start it to tape live. We actually had a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure we got the contraption working.

Is this a good routine to do in order to strengthen/keep muscles strong?

The simple answer is: no.The problem is that there's no progression built into this, so you'll fairly quickly plateau and just not get any stronger. Any program that will help keep you healthy and strengthen your muscles will involve some form of progression in intensity, either through

What if France had colonized Mexico?

For the sake of context let's say that the French began their colonisation of Mexico right before the Spanish do. For one it most likely wouldn't be called Mexico.. The it would not be part of new Spain so the Spanish would never have named it Mexico, of course,

Is Batman the greatest superhero of all time? What makes him better than other godlike superheroes?

Today I am going to tell you Why Batman is favorite and what makes him so special. If you are a fan of Batman than you must read it as it will make you happier than ever and although if you don't like it then also you should