What are some of the most common things you always see happening in real life, actually never shown in movies or TV shows?

1. The villain doesn't give a huge speech before killing the hero in real life. He, mostly, just kills.

2. Everyone isn't beautiful in real life.

3. Money. It's almost as if money doesn't exist in most movies. Most action/spy film heroes don't even carry a wallet. Do people pay Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense for his ghostly consultations? If I had been the Narrator in Fight Club, I would have got fired and broke long before my patrons would even fund Project Mayhem. What happens when Jason Bourne goes broke? To make up for all the damage The Avengers have done in their films, they need to be trillionaires.

4. If a sitcom took place in real life, most people would be slogging their asses off at jobs instead of sitting around at a coffee place, making jokes.

5. Stereotypes. Most Indians are NOT good at math or science, no matter what films tell you. I'm an Indian; I've talked to many friends about Fermat's Last Theorem , those people don't talk to me anymore.
Will I regret cheating on my wife?

Without going into a lot of detail, let me say that I was faced with a similar situation and went ahead and had the affair. I was very clever about it all; my inamorata knew I was married but my wife did not know I was seeing anyone. She had been accusing me of

Are we fit if we eat well and exercise daily?

It depends what type of exercise is carried out and the definition of ‘good' food. Too much exercise can have adverse effects and ultimately lead to stress on joints and achy muscles. Strangely enough, there are a lot of overweight people who are more fit and mentally focused than

Can I get married to a woman as a Mormon? (Read description.)

I'm very tempted to call foul on this question. It's too contrived, too much side description that doesn't match with the way a real mormon would ask, and a huge attempt to appeal to an other-than LDS audience. I.e. youre trying to sway public opinion by claiming an injustice is done to you by your group.