What are some of the most nonsensical Dada works?

While all Dada is inherently nonsensical, it was the Zurich dadaists (in Cabaret Voltaire) who truly embraced the humorous side of dada and took the nonsense to its extreme (while in other regions dadaism was more politically or socially motivated, or veered more towards surrealism).

One of the most important (and nonsensical) artists of the movement was Tristan Tzara. His "L'Amiral cherche une maison louer" (1916) was the first Dadaist simultaneous poem, which achieved the desired effect of conflict between the various refrains and subsequently have an irrational effect on the audience.
What are the top 10 mentally ill DC and Marvel comic characters?

10. Deadpool- In the new movie he is in, he is doing good, but the fact that he talks inside his head to a voice is what makes him mentally ill. Also, he knows he's a comic book character.9. Two-Face-

If all Marvel and DC characters (both heroes and villains) fought to the death, who would win?

This is a fight between Marvel's ‘One Above All' and DC's ‘Presence'I think it's probably a stalemate as they both have the power to do anything.You could argue that Marvel ‘One Above All' win because he is above multiple dimensions. This could include the DC dimension but really

How is time defined in outer space?

Just look at your watch.  The astronauts and cosmonauts set their watches to GMT (UTC).  Using GMT balances their workday between the nominal day shifts in Houston and Moscow.The relativistic effects of time dilation are insignificant to the astronauts and cosmonauts.  The only factor really