What are some of the most reliable European luxury cars?

basically, any car which is properly maintain can last a long time. it just takes a lot of resource and the car ages. but here's my take:-

Porsche, especially the 911

Porsche tends to over-engineer their cars to provide maximum performance at maximum reliability. two-thrids of all porsches ever build is still running today.

Mercedes, especially the diesel and V12 engines.

mercedes diesels engines are overbuild and designed to last 20-30 years. the fact that mercedes 911s lorries from the 1960s are used to run and carry loads today is a testament of their durability. there's also the G-wagen and umigod/actros truck which design is basically unchanged (with minor improvements) over 30 years shows how over engineered their cars are.
I'm a Mercedes fan myself. I've had the older ones for 10 years now and the maintenance is not as scary as people have you believe.
I'm a chef not a mechanic and I do all my own maintenance and replacing parts if needed.
Currently I have a 1995 c220 and I'm only starting to replace some of its parts now like
  • alternator (1yr ago)
  • starter (6months ago)
  • aux coolant pump (cleaned and rebuilt 2months ago, working great)
  • feel pump haven't replaced still working fine but a little noisy
  • Water pump (1yr ago but not the original)

Other parts will never need replacing if mainrained properly.
Only one bad, very bad unreliable bit is the wiring harness plastic was made from some biodegradable plastic that has started to flake off. This is a worry in alot of German cars from 1994-97 as it was a German government idea.
What did medieval families eat?

The staple foods were legumes, roots, rye, oats, fruits, berries and nuts. Wheat became commonplace in the 11th century, and rice was common in Southern Europe. The usual foods would be porridge and pottage, and various potpourris.Most meat would be chicken, rabbit

Do you consider yourself a sociopath/psychopath?

at times, at times not. It makes no difference to me. In spite of years of riding the mental health industry merry go round i never as much as merited an ASPD diagnosis because I have taken care to use the system for other means. And I'm too ‘vanilla' and in a sense privileged to get into