What are some of the most sexist ads?

More women are portrayed as commodities in advertisements than the actual number of commodities listed in the stock market. Actors propagate the idea of feminism and respect for women, and at the same time work on projects, ads and movies that objectify women. To prevent this, India had passed the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act in 1984 to prevent indecent representation of women in advertisements. Doesn't look like companies adhere to this rule as we can see in the advertisements below.

Top 10 Indian Advertisements Indecently Featuring Proud Sexism

Did you ever regret letting someone go?

Nope.Because i fought for my beloved people to the last moment, tried to sacrifice everything for them and always put their needs first.So i would rather fight for my beloved people then let them go.However life will teach you that you need to walk away from people that

Have you ever been caught in a storm while on vacation?

On honeymoon in the Bahamas (sounds grand but quite a small unspoilt island) we hired a motor boat and snorkels. It was great going around exploring lots of little islands (most with a tree or two, and barely rising out of the water).Then

How and why did South Africa become a democracy?

South Africa became Democratic through hard fought struggle. South Africa suffered a lot under apartheid regime. Our democracy came about through struggle initiated by the formation of the ANC way back around 1912. Because of the oppressive laws, our leaders like Nelson Mandela took up arms through Umkhonto wesizwe.In long run, those oppressive laws