What are some of the worst misconceptions about mental health?

Lots of good answers here. I'd add:

  1. Mental illness happens to ‘others'. If it doesn't happen to you then it's likely to be the person to the right or the left of you.
  2. Medication doesn't work, or causes mental illness. Medication has a legitimate role in the treatment of many mental illnesses
  3. Medication is the treatment for mental illness. Medication is the ladder that helps you climb out of the hole, therapy is the work of climbing. There is no elevator.
  4. Mental illness is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters. This is my favourite misconception. The reality is that we have a very incomplete understanding of most mental illnesses, and neurotransmitter changes may be associative rather than causal. This simplistic misconception is unhelpful at best and self-serving
  5. Mental illness happens to individuals. People live within complex systems of relationships and roles, any understanding or treatment is incomplete without this understanding.
  6. Your past determines your future.
  7. Your past is unimportant. Life experience directly influences brain development, think of it as a type of physical memory rather than a narrative memory. Brain development is plastic throughout life, if it wasn't then we couldn't learn new things and therapy would be unhelpful.
  8. DSM is a universal truth. DSM is only one of many diagnostic systems, but one that is deeply flawed at a conceptual level. That's not to say that diagnoses are unhelpful but they need to be understood with the advantages that any diagnostic system brings, along with it's limitations and flaws.

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