What are some of your best hacks at using Facebook?

I have some Facebook growth hacks designed to help you attract B2B leads and B2C customers! I write about them in depth in this blog post, but here's a general overview:

  • Upload Original Videos to Facebook: B2B marketers should upload more videos to Facebook for higher post engagement. However, don't just upload any video. Keep in mind that the video content you share should be valuable and informational to your audience
  • Take Advantage of Facebook Live Videos: Speaking of Facebook videos, why not try broadcasting live using Facebook Live! Facebook Live videos are the perfect channel for engaging with your followers in real time.
  • Have Your Business Page Verified: Facebook verification badges let people know that your business is authentic and will help your page appear in Facebook Graph Searches (searches via Facebook).
  • Select The Appropriate CTA Button at the Top of Your Facebook Page: To convert Facebook visitors into leads, use your Business Page's CTA button to prompt visitors to take a specific action. Begin by selecting which button you'd like page visitors to see. For instance, you can ask visitors to book an appointment, visit your website to learn more about your business, sign up for an email list, or get a quote.
  • Use Facebook Events to Promote Online & In-Person Events: Hosting an online webinar in a few days? Create a Facebook event from your Business Page to spread the word! Pro Tip: After creating your Facebook event, you can boost it for greater reach and more RSVPs.
  • Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads with Downloadable Content: Facebook lead ads enable you to capture contact information interested social media users with little action on their end. On your lead ads contact form, you can customize the questions in the lead ad form, allowing you to ask for information like a business email addresses or phone number. You can also use lead ads to collect sign-ups for beta lists or newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information.
  • Transform Data or Reports into Shareable Images: Running out of Facebook content ideas? Use a recent report, data, industry statistics, PR announcements, or quotes from influencers and employees into images! Use a tool like Canva to create these images in a snap!
  • Respond to Questions, Comments, and Praise from Followers: A great way to build trust and brand loyalty with customers is by responding to their questions, comments, and reviews about your product, service, or company.
  • Add a New Tab to Your Facebook Business Page: One of my favorite things about having a Facebook Business page is having customizable tabs that offer more opportunities to convert visitors into leads. You can add tabs that curate live videos, lists current offers from your business, allows people to write and display reviews, and feature select products.

For additional details, including step-by-step setup for these tactics, check out my blog post on Facebook Growth Hacks for B2B Lead Generation!

How to have two profile pictures at same time

Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that there will be two profile pics 1 on your timeline and the other for public posts and comments. So set a profile picture in a normal way which you want to be on posts and comments.

Step 2: Upload a photo or go to your previously uploaded photos and copy its fbid.

Step 3: After copying go to your timeline and go to Edit Profile Picture > Edit Thumbnail.

Step 4: After clicking it you will see a window like this. In that window Right Click on that image and click Inspect element.

Step 5 : In Inspect Element scroll down until u find something like  <form action="Page on facebook.com" method="post" ....
After locating it click it.

Step 6 : After you find that you locate "<input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" name="photo_fbid" value="your orignal pro pic no." "
In that number replace the once you want or which you previously copied.
Now close inspect Element and click save.
Your Done :) Enjoy

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Remove all that "good-for nothing" posts from your friends that are constantly cluttering your news feed, without un-friending them.

We all have friends who mindlessly share or post useless photos/links/status updates which we would love to remove from our newsfeed.

But unfriending them would make them take notice and it will probably hurt your 'offline' relationship as well. Facebook has a mechanism by which you can hide all the posts by a person so that you can have a (near) clutter-free news feed which is filled with items that matter you to the most.

So, here is what you have to do:

Hover over the friend's name in your newsfeed. Their info will pop up. You will be able to see this:

Start with Making Lists - We "like" hundreds of pages which clutter our feeds ... so you either end up missing the updates you wanted in the first place or you end up spending way too much time

There is a better way to get more Likes to your Facebook page than just Creating an Ad for Page likes.

Note: This hack only works if you already have some following and want to increase it. If you are just starting your Facebook page, stop reding at this point.

Still here are you? Then Congratulations on running a already Successfull page. I will tell you how to take it to the next level in terms of following with the least possible expense.

Social Media Managers will tell you that the best way to get more likes on your Facebook page is to Promote your page from the Ads Manager

This trick comes in handy when you don't want to accept a friend request by someone but you have to because of some reason.

Here is what you can do:

How can someone completely new to cooking start learning?

I highly recommend the book Keys to Good Cooking by Harold McGee. It's not a cookbook, it's more like an encyclopedia of cooking and will teach you some great foundational skills to get you started.Next, visit your local library and flip through several different cookbooks. Keep reading recipes

What are some life/hostel/study hacks that can help MBA students?

Start observing everyone. Start looking at people how they are learning, how they are doing, What is their approach. Ask questions. Answer people's questions. Involve in debates.

What can you teach me that can be useful in my life?

The 15 Cardinal Rules of Life:Good Relationship > Being Single >>>>>> Shitty RelationshipNever leave your parents. They are the reason you are here.Personality is not set in stone. You are able to take control or change it the way you like.People say