What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

First & foremost, wish I could have stayed a child forever! Nothing to boast off being an adult!

  • My first day of my first school, my first lunch at school, the taste of bread and jam mixed with my tears.
  • Going home after school and watching evening cartoons on DD Metro.
  • Going to school in dad's cycle when I was in kindergarten, eventually the houses, cars got bigger along with the distance between people!
  • Struggling to learn multiplication tables! That was the world's toughest task for me back then.
  • Waking up early in the morning then getting ready for school and then finally watching the 10mins tom and jerry junior before leaving.
  • Getting a chance to become a class monitor and writing the names of the students talking, on a black board.
  • Oh yes! how can i forget how we used to show so much dedication in participating in each and every school program with the main purpose of bunking classes.
  • When I used to visit my grandmother's place during holidays that was the happiest time of my life and her home felt safer than my own. :P
  • I clearly remember the days when there was some construction work going on at our home and there were piles of sand to be mixed with cement everywhere. I would mix sand with water and put the mixture on my feet to make a house. I'd stay still for 15 mins to let the sand dry and then take out my feet carefully not to damage my sand homes. Later when I watched in TV, people making similar sand castles on beaches, I'd yearn to go there. Hence my lifelong desire to go to beach. I miss those days when I thought I invented this thing. :P
  • Making laddoos out of mud, and throwing at each other.
  • Whenever my mom told my brother and I to do something, like 'set the table for dinner!' or 'water the plants!' or 'get "something" for me please?', that "something" being the very urgent thing that mom wants asap, my brother would immediately tell me "you do it!" and the banter began,
    "I did it last time, now you go!"
    "No way, stop being lazy, Shoo".
    And this would go on for a bit, and by then mom would come to the room and look at us exasperatedly and resign herself to do that very task herself and that would make both my brother and me to feel guilty and get up and do the thing she wanted.
  • To sleep on my mother's tummy and listening tummy voices
  • Fighting with my brother to who will sleep at mom's side.
  • I always wondered if my mom would be able to read my mind and so, I was always careful about my thoughts! :P
    (I'm sure it sounds perfectly weird.. but that's something that always creeped me out back then!)
  • Back in my childhood, when ever nobody was at home, I use to open my mom's cupboard and explore its every nook & corner. So I found the love letters written by my parents to each other I am still smiling while writing this and feeling a little guilty too. Dang mobile phones came till the time I was a grown up.
  • Sometimes I used to drape a bed sheet around me, pretend it's a saree and act like an adult in front of the mirror. I also had a name and identity for that character and everything was so into it. :P
  • I miss trying to read all the banners and shop names as the car whizzed through the city. It was such a buzz to read everything before it vanished. Sometimes I still do it out of habit when my phone dies and I get the luxury to look outside once again.
  • There was this kismi bar every evening my father bought me one! The only condition was that I will never touch chewing gums.
  • Counting the number of bogies of the train crossing while waiting at the railway crossing. Well I still do that.
  • Writing names of people I liked on the window panes after it rained.
  • Travelling at night I would see the moon from the window and wonder how it's following me and trying to find an animal in the cloud.
  • Put face powder on the floor and skate.
  • Panicking after swallowing a seed and rushing to mummy asking if a tree would grow inside my tummy.
  • I keep going back to the memory of travelling with my parents on a bike and me sitting in front assuming I am driving.


  • Doing role plays, pretending to be sometimes a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a film star or anything that I wished to. That was the time we could switch careers in a matter of seconds. Oh and how can I forget the house game, where we played an aunt or a grandmother sometimes. Such hilarious aspirations ! :P

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.


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