What are some of your favorite things that improve your quality of life (under 20)?

There are myriads of possible answers here, but I'll try. First, accept yourself. Do you believe you are ugly, fat, short, bad student or whatever? Accept it or change it. If you cannot change it (height), then accept it. If you can change it (weight, grades), try. If you are bored, then face the consequences of that by admitting it. Self judgement and improvement will really improve your life quality.

Then, find subjects and do projects that interest you. It's very satisfying to believe you are good on something.

Money is important, but it's not a necessary condition to have a good life. Learn how to stay satisfied of what you've got in the short run.

Set goals.

Flirt and have sex. Healthy sexual relationships increase the quality of life in the long run, as it increases your confidence and social relations.

Do you remember the name of your favorite teacher in middle school?

Do you remember the name of your favorite teacher in middle school?We didn't have middle schools back then. Kindergarten through sixth grades were

What professions are least likely to be affected by robotics in the next 20 to 40 years?

I talked with a former computer programmer about what to do after leaving this company. He supposed he could be a salesman in his hometown, but I reminded him machines selling goods were springing up. Then I recommended him to try taking jobs like tour guide. Robotics can do little in this field. How do you think about this?

I started high school at age 12.What age do American children start?

American children usually go to Kindergarten around age 5*. A "pre-K" year is also fashionable in some parts of the country.Elementary School consists of grades 1 through grade 5 or 6, depending on the school district. In my children's district it is through grade 5, where I grew up it is through grade