What are some peculiarities of Indian culture?

Indian culture is unique in evry way

  1. A rich heritage ,loyalty and mixture of scientific and religious attitudez
  2. villagez yeah the simple loyal noble n ideal village life
  3. Diversity in food habits like gujrati marwadi kokani n idli dosa vada puranpoli sebtamata nu shag undiyon chhole n endlsss delicacies
  4. Diverse temples churchez temples gurudwaras mosques all in 1
  5. Diverse dressing styles dhoti kurta pajama paithani sarees bhagalpuri silk n handloomed ones
  6. Diverse festivals which fallin special months n probably in new moo or full moon days holi diwali sankranti onam gangor
  7. Unity in diversity
  8. Westernisation no modernization

What is the most disturbing thing about your friends?

The MOST disturbing thing? I can't possible pick just one ;)In all seriousness though, I think there's a lot of things people might find disturbing about my friends and wider social circle (hahaha, I mean there's people I know that I don't frequently socialise or communicate with. This is usually called a wider

How may I go to a foreign country?

Fine.... But which country? Before you are going , you need some required documents such as passport and visa.Are you going for which purpose vacation or business trip .? for any higher education.Kindly connect with us we will assist you in rightContact Visvas | Corporate Travel Management Company India