What are some places to learn hacking?

If you dont know anything about hacking, then you should probably start with a low level certification course called CEH.
I am sure that this course will not teach you anything extraordinary which you will not find after googling but i am sure it will give you a kickstart in the right direction, from where you will be able to get started.

Moreover you can join some groups in social media platforms and also start reading blogs extensively.
OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), OWASP TOP 10 for web ,mobile, IOT,
HACKFORUM, thehackernews, packetstormsecurity, exploitdb, e-hackingnews, these are some of the websites that will make you aware of the current scenario of information security and also the recent breaches and loopholes found.

Follow some conference platforms like NULLCON, DEFCON, ground zero, HITB, BLACKHAT etc.

You could start with some books like greyhat hacking, web application hackers handbook, hacking for dummies etc etc.

Get to know who are some famous personalities in infosec domain region wise then countrywise then worldwide renouned personalities, just have a look at their work, find out what they are doing, their whitepapers etc.
What are 11 habits of highly successful people?

I found some interesting habits while reading on successful people. Here are 11 of them.Sourced: Success Tips: The Habits of the World's Most Successful People1. Make the habit of making yourself as the priority.It might seem selfish but it makes sense. Set your

What is taking one for granted? What is a real example?

Many a times the prices are like INR 99, INR 999 i.e. one less than the round figure. In such cases its very rare that shopkeeper returns one rupee and many times customer also don't ask for it.In such cases they take one (1) for granted. Sorry for the joke answer.

What are some money saving tips?

Spend less money. Seriously. That's all there is to it.Here's what I did during my lean years:Lived in a tiny apartment. Literally about 10 sq m. More like a dorm than an apartment. Desk, bed, and bathroom, nothing else. There are not many apartments like