What are some places you've traveled to multiple times but never get tired of visiting?

I have several places that could never tire me:

  • The Redwoods - it's incredibly easy to be alone here. The aroma, the solitude. I never want to leave here.
  • Yosemite (away from the valley) - Pretty much anywhere about a half mile inland from a road and the tourists are gone.
  • Death Valley - so much life and diversity. Incredible beauty.
  • Joshua Tree - solitude a mere half mile away from the roads. So peaceful, diverse terrain, solitude.
  • Utah - the small rural cities and the National Parks. Forests and hoodoos everywhere! Forest forests forests!!!
    • The photos below I took last April in Bryce National Park. Hoodoos are all of those pillars

London, Barcelona, Iguasu Falls.

My old hometown.

So many places my tired feet have carried me,

So many wondrous sights my eyes did see,

But so many promises I have made to be

In my old hometown.

Many dreams I have , as I lay my tired head,

Through turmoils and trails I dread,

And many longing I have left unsaid,

For my old hometown.

Its physical beauty did not enchant me,

But here once I was young and fancy free,

And at last this is not my place for me to be,

In my old hometown.

I like to visit for a while,

And talk and listen and see the old folks smile,

And scruff my feet as I trod the many miles,

To my old hometown.

And what do a man really own?

When he contemplates his self alone?

And measures his treasures that he owns,

Against his old hometown.

So now I live so very far away,

And make a good living from day to day,

I still cherish the time when I did stay,

In my old hometown.

The world has many wondrous things,

And many places and many beings,

But nothing compares to visiting,

My old hometown.

So every time when I am weary

Of all the burdens I now carry,

I choose to go and then tarry,

Awhile in my old hometown.

The dreams I once have were very few,

And are simple things and nothing new,

Like everything most men want and knew,

Could not be had in the old hometown.

So I go to earn a living far away,

And however far I did stray,

My longing heart forever stay,

For my old hometown.

Are you like me who treasure

The simple life and simple pleasure,

Of a past that we have to measure,

Our old home town?

I've travelled to 59 countries besides my home country and while I didn't like every city or every location, I definitely liked enough about every country to visit again. But I still have favourites.

I should mention that I only travel for pleasure, so none of my trips were for business or visiting family. So when I visit a country multiple times it's because I like it. (Or because it's in the direction I'm going.)

I've been to Japan seven times and each time I'm not ready to leave. Even last time when I stayed three months.

I've been to Mexico seven times and learned Spanish there back in 1996. I've forgotten the lengths of all my trips but they would have to add up to somewhere between two and three years.

I've only been to Georgia twice but liked it so much the first time that I accepted an offer for a minimum wage job and went back there the next year and lived and worked through the winter. I'm actually unemployed in Australia right now and a few days ago an old friend in Georgia told me I should come back and they'd easily find some job for me over there. If only I had the money for the plane ticket!

It's hard to count the visits to mainland China and Taiwan because sometimes I visit only one and sometimes both on the same trip. But on my last trip I had two visas for China and spent three months walking and hitchhiking the entire coast of Taiwan. Each time I go back to the mainland I go further west where fewer western tourists go. Next time I go to Taiwan I want to go to the mountains. My combined visits now add up to a year.

When I'm in Southeast Asia or even China I also end up passing through Thailand more than once. Because I always enter via a land border without a visa I'm only allowed to stay 15 days at a time but I always manage to make new friends so it's always too soon to leave so I always want to go back.

The countries I've been to before that I was recently thinking about and would love to revisit include Mongolia, Cambodia, Romania, and Vietnam. I'd also go back to Korea and stay only in jjimjilbangs! I miss western Europe too. Oh Greece! And Turkey! Albania! Morocco! I better just stop typing because otherwise the list will just keep getting longer and longer ...


‘Cede Mile Falcha'.

I am always seeking out new destinations, but there are two cities that I just keep going back to. The first is Barcelona. I love Barcelona because it starts with this amazing seaside location, but it also has stunning architecture, delicious food and a warm, vibrant culture. The second place I love to visit again and again is Mexico City. For North American travelers, Mexico City actually has a really European feel, but without the long flight and at a much lower price point. Like Barcelona it has amazing architecture and great food... but it's the city's proximity to my home that makes it doubly appealing.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone after saving them?

Yes I have....... My current boyfriend.We have been dating a year but about 3 or 4 months Into our relationship he text me to say he was going to end it all as he was tired of all the shit his ex was heaping on him. She basically accused him

Did Russia invade Ukraine?

Short answer: no.Long answer:First of all, there should be plans for an invasion. Why should us do this? We have plenty of underpopulated territory, plenty of natural resources and, at the moment, plenty of industry (not plenty enough, of course, we should do better). Why would

Which is the better time to visit Indonesia from India?

Being close to equator it's hot almost round the year and sees tropical rainfall around Oct/Nov. December and January may be little better but not very significant for an Indian. But avoid months of April and May when summer peaks as well as December when western tourist flock particularly to Bali jacking up prices.