What are some popular food items from Kerala?

Some of the authentic top Kerala cuisines that you should never miss are

1.   Sadhya - traditional vegetarian feast of Kerala usually served as  lunch  on  banana Leaf. Along with Rice sadhya consists of many side  dishes  like  Erissery, Avial, Koottukary, Olan ,Mampazha Pulissery (  Mango  Pulissery)  , Sambar, Kichadi and a different Variety of Payasams 

Will I increase my strength by doing 100 reps of bicep curls? Or will 15 reps of heavier weight be better?

It depends on the weight.Doing 15 reps of 5 pounds and you can still do 85 more reps without being tired, then doing just 15 reps would be pointless.The ideal rep range is to optimally increase strength is generally 1–4 reps. Most people will do 8–12 reps and have great results,

How can overweight people gain muscle mass?

Achieving the body you desire requires patience, resilience and a lot of dedication. It requires a dutiful commitment in the gym, a healthy lifestyle, and a wholesome diet. A toned, ripped body does not come easy. If you are wondering what are the Foods to gain muscle mass so as to complement your