What are some popular tamil tv shows right now?

In my view, one of the most popular trending Tamil tv show is Nagini TV Show. In recent times, Nagini Serial in Tamil has brought up Top TRP ratings to SUN TV channel, compared to other TV Shows.

Tamil TV shows are the best source of entertainment. The concept and storyline of Tamil shows are unique and keeps you glued to the screen. TV shows are watched by all Indian women to divert their minds from the workload. I watch many TV shows, but I do not get the time to watch when they are telecasted, so I watch them online for free. The two of my favourite Tamil shows are Iniya Iru Malargal on ZEE5 and Vandhal Sridevi on Voot.

How to get parenting tips

By observing your own parents.Now, please remember they are also human beings and we all make mistakes.That doesn't mean we should judge them based on their bad behaviours in their personal lives.We don't know precisely about their childhood and under what circumstances they were

Is Russia a potential superpower?

No. Russia is a powerful country still, because of its population size and large army.But its military equipment is mostly old Cold War junk that has had minor upgrades.To put this in perspective. Britain with a small army spends HALF what Russia does per year on a far larger but lower quality Conscription army.

Why is it now considered good to be anti-social?

I think you mean asocial instead of anti-social. Anti-social behavior is synonymous with all law-breaking activities. Asocial, on the other hand, is a reduced tendency to socialize and to be content with one's own company for a prolonged period of time.As