What are some scary facts that most people don't know?

  1. The Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is immortal.
  2. The mentally ill are 6 times more likely to be victims of violent crimes than they are to be perpetrators of it.
  3. There are 6 million homeless in the USA. There are 18 million vacant houses. And we don't want to commit to housing them.
  4. Scissors operate by creating a vortex that spins at greater than the speed of light, thus severing the material they are cutting at a submolecular level. This was discovered by a mathematician in 2012.
  5. More people were killed by toddlers in 2012 than by terrorists. In 2014, that reversed. In 2016, it reversed again, and babies killed more people by accident than terrorists did by intent.
  6. Deer are responsible for more deaths each year than sharks, snakes, scorpions, bees, spiders, alligators, canines, lions, tigers and bears combined. The only animal more lethal on Earth is the hippo. But only if we consider the range of hippos versus the number of deaths. Deer still reign by sheer numbers.
  7. Champagne corks kill more people each year than spiders do, globally. Spiders are about 40,000 times more prevalent.
  8. Spiders don't chew. They inject digestive liquids directly into their victims which digests them inside their own bodies, and then drink the liquefied result.
  9. For 1/3 of all Americans, the air is classified by the government as unsafe to breathe.
  10. The first anti-smoking campaign in history came from Adolf Hitler.
  11. More than 7,000 people per year die because of bad handwriting... on the part of the doctor. Upgrade to digital, people!
  12. An average cell phone has around 18 times more germs than an average toilet.
  13. The average office desk has 400 times more germs than an average toilet.
  14. The weight of a typical mattress doubles within 10 years from dust mite feces.
  15. Dust is mostly made up of human skin. And on the NYC subways, up to 15% of the air is dust. Tokyo's trains are cleaner, at just 5%. But human skin is globally responsible for more dust than any other component, as a general rule.
  16. Dead people can still get goosebumps.
  17. Most lipsticks contain fish scales as an ingredient. It's what gives that beautiful glossy look. It's also a moisturizer.
  18. Oreo cookies are psychologically as addictive as cocaine, heroin and nicotine.
  19. A human head, once severed, remains conscious for up to 20 seconds.
  20. Just 4 ounces (about 120 ml) of semen contains enough sperm to repopulate the entire planet. Just 300 years ago, one man's orgasm was enough for that. But because of a woman's immune system, the chances of becoming pregnant at any given time of month are about 1 in 70.

What makes Gautam Gambhir different from others?

Short Answer: His Brutal Honesty.Long Answer:Gautam no doubt a good batsman, great player of spin bowling has contributed a lot to the game. He has been instrumental in many glories of Indian Cricket team. Sure many others have been there and done that. But what keeps Gambhir apart is his Attitude and Honesty

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How to become smart and clever

Some common sense advice, related to the biochemistry of the brain.Keep yourself hydrated. A 5% dehydration is already reducing your brain efficiency. A 30% is comparable to being drunk. Drink clear, good water often.Sleep- is it often overlooked, but we need 8–9 hours daily, ideally starting from 21–22. Being tired