What are some science fiction movies or TV series in which humans are the alien invaders?

Badly worded questions - do you mean aliens posing as humans or humans as the aggressive invaders?

Taking the second to be correct, here are some notable cases:

You could also mention it as an element in Game of Thrones, where humans invaded the lands of the Children of the Forrest.

Some of C S Lewis, notably The Horse and His Boy, some humans invading Narnia with its mostly non-human inhabitants. Indirectly in others.

And the end of LOTR - the hobbits drive out invading humans.

A lit of lesser works on the same line.

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One TV show that I think didn't get enough appreciation was The Event:

In the late 1940s, an unidentified craft crashed in Alaska. At first thought to be an attempt to plant Russian spies, the passengers were imprisoned. Eventually, the government became aware that these were no Russians, but another variety of person altogether. Although nearly biologically identical, by the present time not a single one of the prisoners had aged a year in normal human terms. They are even able to produce viable offspring (with no trouble) with normal humans.

Unbeknownst to everyone, not all of these strange humans (for they cannot be anything else by any logical taxonomy) were captured in Alaska. Their complicated conspiracy is coming to a head. With their advanced technology, they plan to save the inhabitants of their planet, but "necessarily" cause havoc on Earth in the process.

Into this mess are thrown the main character and his girlfriend (who later turns out to be half-alien), who must avoid conspirators and government spooks at every turn (evoking visions of 24), as more and more seemingly benign characters are revealed to have hidden agendas on one side or the other.

Unfortunately, it only had one season before it was cancelled, ending with a literally planet-sized cliffhanger.

But the alien invaders were both human (in one sense), and pretending to be human (in another sense), so it definitely fits the bill.

Starship Troopers is the first that comes to mind, from the director Paul Verhoeven(RoboCop, Total Recall).

The original Starship Troopers from 1997 is the only worthwhile film in the series in my opinion, but it is one of the sci-fi classics.

Paraphrasing RedLetterMedia's Starship Troopers re:view-video: You have surface elements that make it look like Beverly Hills 90210 vs CGI bugs, which is off putting to a lot of people... but you have to contrast that to the horrific violence. For the most parts it is a fascist propaganda movie, but the whole thing is brilliant satire that winks at the audience only few times to give "away its hand."

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