What are some secrets that you have hidden from your best friend?

Until recently I hid who I really was from my best friend for over 10 years and as my best friend she didn't even blink an eye and stated she already knew lol

I grew up in a diffcult and strict parenting. Although she is my adoptive mother she would beat the living shit out of me if anyone knew the truth about me. She often would say "I love you like you came out of my womb so the truth doesn't matter" so I did that.

During our teenage years my mum wouldn't let me out much and when she did she would give whoever I was hanging out with the fifth degree with the yelling and constant pestering. I lost alot of friends that way but my best friend didn't care much (guess due to the fact she also strict parenting)

A few months ago,I got a shit ton of information from my biological cousin it was overwhelming for me so we went to dinner to discuss it. And so I told her all of the details and she was like what?! Then she was like it makes sense and we continue chatting and talking like nothing happened.

I wish I was more honest when growing up would have saved me alot of discomfort and pain but I'm glad I got it off my chest and can move forward with my life and being honest with everyone in my life!

What is the treatment for Scrupulosity OCD?

Scrupulosity OCD means religious OCD. It encompasses fears such as a) Living a sinful life or doing acts for which God may punish self or family. 2) Doing acts that is not line in with the morality or ethics of the person. 3) Repeatedly wondering if prayer is enough or if you said something that is blasphemous.

How to get a flat stomach while eating what I want within 60-90 days? What are some methods you use

Get a roll or two of duct tape and an assistant. Undress and suck in as hard as you can. Apply tape just below belly button and hold it there. While your assistant holds the roll of tape and keeps the tension on the tape fairly tight, slowly rotate, causing the tape to wrap around

How often should I change my gym routine?

Short answer:Keep the same exercises in the same order for 8 weeksLong answer:You do not have to change an exercise often to shock the muscles. Your muscles do not have any cognitive ability so you don't have to confuse them; you will end up confusing yourself instead!The reason