What are some signs that a person is dealing with emotional abuse?

apologizing often or being emotionally distant/lying about their feelings.

I apologize a lot even when I don't do anything wrong, and I often lie about my mental state bc I remember that at a younger age, telling the counselor I wanted to die got me beat and threatened with institutions, plus comments on me being stupid, psycho, and a bitch. its engrained in my brain to apologize even when im right and to lie to save my previous guardians from jail time

Why do some people marry and then divorce shortly afterwards? Were they not serious?

They seriously programmed with romantic illusions with 50′s let's leave it beaver ozzie an Harriet I love Lucy dellusions. Conciouseness is awareness gender in the world roles has advanced. And because of increase cost of everything life in America is not cheap!.

Which is the best smartphone under INR 15,000?

I suppose Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is a best smartphone for such budget. I'm not sure that there some other competitors that worth your attention (unless you want a really large smartphone, then Mi Max may be an option). It looks great and it works great. It's battery life is

How can one increase the mind and muscle connection with the lats during pull-ups?

1. Thanks to the work of pulling up to turn on at the same time a large number of muscles, which activates growth hormone and leads to acceleration of recruitment of muscle mass. But muscles will grow faster with proper technique, which will need to adhere to. 2. Behind the bar, hold hands, so that