What are some simple but Useful Technology Hacks?

I would feel these are simple but useful technology tips or hacks.

  1. Use SearchEverything from VoidTools to search any file in windows very fast in milli seconds which windows can't do it even after indexing.
  2. Use EyeLeo to prevent your eye strain at work.
  3. Create a FTP Server in your phone with ES File Explorer app to copy files via Wi-Fi from your phone to PC or vice-versa with few steps.
  4. Start charging battery if it drops below 20% and continue till 100%. Use wireless headphones via Bluetooth to talk when the phone is in charging if really necessary.
  5. Play a hidden game in android by tapping multiple times on the android version screen.
  6. Mute whatsapp group notifications which you feel disturbing you from the group settings.
  7. Use PDF24 or PrimoPDF to create PDF from anywhere and from anytime instantly by drap and drop - Edit pdf files - merge or split pdf or print anything to PDF.
  8. Windows 10 settings - change settings at multiple places as "Metered Connection" to reduce your windows internet usage.
  9. Calculate any numbers (2+8*6) or convert currencies (1 usd in inr) or convert 1 inch to cm etc., on the fly in the Chrome address bar itself.
  10. If any website is not shown properly, add it to Compatibility view settings in the IE menu.

Some may not be relevant to this question but i thought it is simple hacks to use which can simplify our life...

Thank you...

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