What are some simple but Useful Technology Hacks?

I would feel these are simple but useful technology tips or hacks.

  1. Use SearchEverything from VoidTools to search any file in windows very fast in milli seconds which windows can't do it even after indexing.
  2. Use EyeLeo to prevent your eye strain at work.
  3. Create a FTP Server in your phone with ES File Explorer app to copy files via Wi-Fi from your phone to PC or vice-versa with few steps.
  4. Start charging battery if it drops below 20% and continue till 100%. Use wireless headphones via Bluetooth to talk when the phone is in charging if really necessary.
  5. Play a hidden game in android by tapping multiple times on the android version screen.
  6. Mute whatsapp group notifications which you feel disturbing you from the group settings.
  7. Use PDF24 or PrimoPDF to create PDF from anywhere and from anytime instantly by drap and drop - Edit pdf files - merge or split pdf or print anything to PDF.
  8. Windows 10 settings - change settings at multiple places as "Metered Connection" to reduce your windows internet usage.
  9. Calculate any numbers (2+8*6) or convert currencies (1 usd in inr) or convert 1 inch to cm etc., on the fly in the Chrome address bar itself.
  10. If any website is not shown properly, add it to Compatibility view settings in the IE menu.

Some may not be relevant to this question but i thought it is simple hacks to use which can simplify our life...

Thank you...

Useful technology hacks:

  • You can still use your laptop, even after it's battery gets damaged. Just plug in the power source and turn it on.
  • To extend the battery life of your mobile phone, discharge it completely and charge it from 0% once in a week.
  • Want a smaller excel file in size, just save it as .XLSB instead of .XLSX and it'll reduce it's file size upto 75%.
  • Never write recipient address first when writing an email to beware from sending incomplete email by mistake.
  • Never allow unknown app of your phone to access your personal data like Contacts, Messages etc. it actually sync your data on their own server. You can actually manage it from Settings -> Privacy and safety -> App permissions in your phone.

9 Best Internet Hacks :

  1. Stop Using Google to search information on school essays or articles, instead use http://scholar.google.com. You will find more relevant information here.
  2. Sick of seeing too many advertisements while playing games on laptop or mobile. No worries. Use airplane mode & play ad free games.
  3. Want to give some message to your elder version. Use Write a letter to the future.
  4. Want cheapest product online. Use incognito mode, prices go up if you visit a site multiple times.
  5. If you download a file which looks like a pdf but has .exe extension in last, then don't open or execute it. Its a virus program.
  6. Forgot charger plug at home & staying at hotel, don't worry arrange a USB cable, you will get USB input at their television.
  7. If your mobile's battery is low but you want to use it for longer time. Then don't switch off mobile. Rather use airplane mode with 0 brightness. Turning on & off usually consume more battery.
  8. Accidentally closed a tab. Don't worry use ctrl+shift+t. It will reopen.
  9. You can set google as timer, if required in emergency, search ‘Set timer (X) minutes' in search bar.

It's compiled from various internet sources & tested by me. It actually works.

So everyone uses WhatsApp right. I know a hack that most people don't. I can share that. You can actually get news and all those wikipedia stuff on your WhatsApp as messages. There are few numbers which you can add to your contacts and see the magic. I'll explain how to get into it.

Step 1 :

Save these numbers as Wiki 1 and 2.

+91 90430 17568

+91 90420 09578

Once you are done get to the next step.

Step 2:

Create a group on WhatsApp named Wikipedia.

Technology makes life better!

  1. If you are in a hurry and your phone needs to be charged, Turn on the Airplane mode and put it on charge. Because Airplane mode turns off all the radio frequencies which decreases the amount of time on charge.
  2. If you are a lover of rain then tune into rainymood.com which consists of ambient sounds of rain and ocean surfs which helps you relax, focus and increase your productivity.
  3. To Amplify the sound of your phone in a room then put your phone in an empty glass. This will immediately boost the sound.
  4. MyFridgeFood - Home helps you decide what to cook for lunch, dinner, breakfast based on the ingredients present in your fridge. You just need to select the ingredients and click on find recipes, it will immediately display what all kinds of food you can prepare with time.
  5. For IPhone users if you are signing up for premium version on spotify do it on their website rather than mobile app as the pricing differ in both of them. For website it's $9.99 whereas through app it's $12.99
  6. While shopping or booking tickets online do so in Incognito mode, this helps you buy and shop at lower prices.

I hope these will help.

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