What are some situations where annulment would be preferable to divorce?

Just to be clear annulment is the remedy where a marriage is voidable rather than void.

If a marriage is void it is treated as if it never happened.

If a marriage is voidable it can be voided if either party wants to push for that. A classic example is lack of consent due to intoxication. Both parties to a marriage can quite happily continue in a marriage that went ahead when one of the parties consider they were to drunk to consent, but afterwards are content the marriage should stand.

Why do people rarely talk about love in discussions of: abusive relationships, the wisdom of leaving an abuser, and the reasons why people stay with their abusers?

"Love" doesn't necessarily imply "staying with", and seldom actually comes into play in an abuser/abused relationship. Emotional addiction on the part of the abused is much more common. When we advocate cessation to a heroin or nicotine addict, we don't suggest

Is it good for a 50 year old to exercise by running?

I started working out at 53 years old. I started slow with body weight exercises then moved on to free weights. I was never into running. But this year, at age 54 I started to do some running. Everyday I walk to and from

I found out that my FWB has a wife and a kid in India. Should I do what's morally right or indulge, since he's going to do it anyway?

It's tough to answer. In general what you have to do with whether your FWB is married or having kids or not?One thing you can do to be moral is get away from the scene. In that case your FWB will find someone else so it will not save any problem but save you from