What are some things physicians don't tell their patients?

Typically a doctor will say to a patient

'Your blood results were fine'

they will not say...

'your sodium level was 137, the normal range  is 135-140. your potassium was 3.6 the reference of potassium is between 3.5-4.5. Your haemoglobin was red on the screen but that is acceptable for you. Neutrophils  was also a little bit on the red side again that is nothing to worry about. Your Lactate was undetectable that just means you are fine... Oh and your chest x-Ray showed that your trachea is in line, lung parenchyma is intact with some perihilar dilation at the right but that  in accordance with your history of asthma there is no cardiomegaly. The great vessels are intact, your right diaphragm sits just slightly higher than your left again that is normal because  your liver pushes it upwards on  the right. There is no air under the diaphragm. Your ribs are normal............'

so you see why when doctors say all the tests came back negative / normal you should be happy!

I would be bored to bits if a doctor told me all of this.

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For purposes of this answer, the word

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