What are some things that make you sad?

I need only 68 percentile to get a call from IIM.

I was sitting with my friends. We were discussing about our strategy & preparations regarding CAT exam.

There was one girl, lets say her ‘X', who is pursuing MBA from a govt college, interrupted us saying "i am only writing cat this year."

Me- but you are not going to your coaching classes. Don't you think it would be tough?

X- No. I just have to touch 68 percentile and they will call me.

Me(speechless) - only 68?

X- yup, i have reservation benefit with me. (sc category).

I had read too much stories about these reservation benefits and how did they cause suffering & pain to general category student but this was the first time when it was happening to me. I was frustrated. Then i had to reply to her something.

Me-ok agreed! you will be able to get the call (just bcoz of your reservation benefit) but then you have to face GDPI first to get admissions in any of those prestigious colleges. I think it will be a tough task.

X(more carelessly) - who cares? I am already doing my MBA from the best clg of DAVV.

She got admitted there because of her reservation quota only. She had pathetic scores in her scorecard.

Me- You belong to a good family (upper middle class). Why are you using this quota benefit ? You should ace the cat without using your quota.

X- I know that I won't be able to score 99+ in my whole life so thats why i am using it. Even if i was getting 99+ in mocks then too, i would be using it. Why should i take risk? I have the reservation and i will use it.

I felt hopeless at that time. She was arrogant and the bitter reality was hurting me so hard that may be she would land up in a better college than me. :(

Reservation really sucks.

1. Wasted chicken nuggets:



I am an Indian doing my MBA .I am from a well off upper middle class family and around 25 as of now.I feel very sad whenever my batchmates go home during holidays .

Both my parents passed away when I was young.I neither have any grand parents nor any siblings as my parents were already aged when I was born.I have many friends (from my school,under graduation,office and my present PG).

I do not have any girl friends as I am a bit shy to speak with girls and I dont have any bad habits like smoking,drinking etc

I always cry in isolation whenever I hear people speaking with their parents,siblings,grand parents etc.I have not gone for any movies,hotels ,parks ,beaches etc with my family.(I fell very sad when I hear constantly from my school days kids telling"My father bought me this/that").Friends speak well with me but they obviously keep changing as time passes by as they have their own work .None of my friends know that I do not have my parents as I have lied to them showing my uncle/aunt as my parents.

I feel very frustrated when there is no one to wait for me or look after when I fall sick or to share my feelings.I don t have a mother who would scold me whenever I score less in any of my exams.There is not even a single person to ask me whether I have eaten my food.

Friends do call me for new year parties but I do not like that kind of an atmosphere where we just chill out and it is all over.I want some like minded people(preferably middle aged uncle/aunt) to call me during festivals like diwali etc and offer me sweets etc and treat like their own son for just one day.(I cannot go ahead asking people randomly to do so. LOL!!).

Money is not an issue for me as my parents have left much for me to take care of my expenses(Both of them were chartered accounts).

Iam a very orthodox and a religious person even though I am young.I kindly request atheists not to abuse me for being like that.(I am definitely not against irreligion.

It is just my way of life. I dont have any reason for being like that as I spend most of my isolation time reading slokas/scriptures/vedas etc.)

I love you MAMA/PAPA.

PS:Edit 1:I am an extrovert only and moreover I am not sad most of the time.

Only time I feel sad is when some of my distant cousins or few freiends say that their parents are imposing restrictions on them/not aloowing them do this or that.....etc and few of them come to me and say "Atleast you dont have any restrictions.You can do what you want it and you are can live your life ".I dont feel that not having parents is anyway better than having strict parents.

Moreover I wrote this at a time when there was a surgery for me and the doctor asked me to to bring someone (for the signature/formalities).I told him I dont have anyone and begged him to sign for me.I ended up paying extra for that.

I am an HR professional.

So let me share something which we all face, specially more in India.

Applied for a job. During last final interview with CHRO ( Chief Human Resources Officer, senior leadership with more than 20 years experience)( This was after two interviews and assignment).

CHRO: We like your profile and your feedback from our team has been good. Your knowledge on subject and your certifications are great.

Me: Thank you Sir

CHRO: ( Going through Resume) Why you scored so less in 12th standard in school?

I did my 12th in 2007. Since then I did my engineering and then worked for almost 1.5 years. Then did MBA from reputed University and worked another 2 years.

Me: Sir I had some personal issues. And was not able to work hard. But after that I have been consistently a good performer.

CHRO: Okay. But it shows that you may not be able to handle pressure. And we look for high standards in our organization.

Me: Sir, I understand. But to be honest, I have very diverse knowledge on HR and related subjects and I work on crucial projects, many of them initiated by myself in my current organization.

CHRO: ( not impressed, making faces) Yes that's good. But all employees we have here have at least 80% in academics .

Me: Sir, your organization traded at +600 INR before 2008. After recession till today, your company has not crossed +50 INR in stock market. You have reduced your workforce from 25000 to 10000 employees. Your annual turnover reduced from +1 billion dollars to not more than +25 million dollars. And it has been almost 10 years since then.

CHRO: ( surprised) Yes. But I am talking about you.

Me: And I am talking about humans. I was 17 then. I am 27 now. I didn't know if I would ever do engineering at that time. I never even thought about MBA that time. I didn't know what HR meant. We all grow. We make mistakes and we learn. Not even one single subject has been used by me in my current job which I studied in school.

CHRO: ( Silent)

Me: Stop judging people on what they did 10 years back. I have done lot since then. I am not a fresh graduate who should be judged only by his score in academics. When you wish to focus on future of organization. Focus on future of people too. And by the way, each and every cell in human body gets replaced by 7 years.

CHRO: Nice analogy.

Me: I would like to leave now. Thank you.

I came out. His secretary asked me for feedback. I told her, ‘ If you can't judge a person even after 2 interviews and more than 6 hours assignment. And still need to rely on 12th marks. Please do so before.

I got better job later, at better package and much bigger organization.

But this thing always hurts.

We must stop judging people by their scores in academics. Specially after they have gained work experience. It just shows how monotonous and shallow you are as interviewer.

P.S I did get an offer from them after few months, I refused politely.

Edit1 : Thank you for the upvotes and comments. I guess this has been highest since I joined Quora. Though I am not editing for this only.

Please read for some tips I found useful to face such bullying in interview.

  1. Read about interviewer on LinkedIn
  2. Read about company and it's financials.
  3. Read about news where they have failed or competition succeeded.
  4. Always maintain confident tone.
  5. To be honest, I believe in real and fair world, employee and employer have to chose each other and build their future together. A company trusts employee to do the right thing for the growth of company and employee trusts to be treated fairly in all manners. No one is at upper hand. However instead of relationship, I still feel we rely more on employer being at upper level or having more power. ( Sometimes it's more like traces of Slave and Owner relationship )
  6. I have been trying in field of HR to make changes for better and hope all do it.
  7. Last but important point, Life is uncertain. A financial advice from HR, but save at least 20% of your salary. If you cannot, increase your PF/ Government mandatory savings, so that your salary is deducted before you get it. This will help you, when you lose job. When you search and don't wish to settle for mediocre job. When you really wish to change your profile or take a break from your current job. Thumb rule, you should be financially prepared to sit for 2 months easily after 1 year of job. ( 12 salaries)

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