What are some things you wished you knew before moving to another country?

I moved to Canada two years ago, and I am still realizing how much of an impact my neighborhood has on my experience here. Finding a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle is key to connecting with a new culture, and can make the difference between a good and a bad experience. That's why before moving to a new country you need to think of what kind of lifestyle you want to live there: do you want to live with locals? In an English speaking area? Would you rather have the close to downtown experience or the more quiet suburb one? Check out this blog which has a lot of advice about moving and adapting to a new country:
Navut Blog
If you are moving to Canada, this website will enable you to enter your criteria and preferred style of life, and match you with the best neighborhood for you in the city of your choice:
Navut | Find Your Next Neighborhood | Curated Search to Find Your Home
I hope this helps!
Where would you rather live: New York City or Chicago?

I lived in Chicago for 4 years and currently live in NYC (been here since 97 w/the Chicago hiatus in the middle). I would obviously dismiss the opinions of anyone who actually hasn't lived & worked in both cities.To me, this is an

What would happen if humans had to wear spacesuits on Earth?

Human productivity would plummet because so many ordinary but essential tasks would be more difficult and take much longer. The cost of living would rise - besides the flow on costs from reduced productivity there will be the added cost of spacesuits. If spacesuits were needed outdoors, buildings would

Do Americans consider Greece an enemy state?

No! I have never heard in my life one anti-Greece comment in my life in the US. We actually, from a miltary standpoint at least, consider them allies. The US and Greece are both part of NATO, which essentially means they are obliged to go to war against any warring nation with each other. I