What are some tips and tricks for cooking Indian food when you have no experience?

make sure you have the spices and powders you will need the most basic are turmeric pwd, chili pwd, a good garam masala, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and powder, curry leaves, desiccated coconut, coconut milk, and fresh vegetables.

Indian food generally doesn't work well with frozen veg with very few exceptions. many Indian cooking websites have simple recipes that are designed for beginner cooks and have videos that show how to make them.

Easy recipes

Manjula's Kitchen | Indian Vegetarian Recipes | Cooking Videos

these are 2 that I use regularly both have good videos that show all the steps. Some don't show every step and that can make it very hard for beginners. Enjoy learning how to cook Indian food!

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This question cannot have a definite answer as it depends from person to person. BUT yes Coaching for the technical subjects should be taken.One of the best advantage of Coaching is interaction with students of different schools that helps one

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The hardest think I ever fixed was trust in others. With that being said, it took a choice to believe in someone bigger, than me and to understand the truth of unconditional love. This creates an environment for my faith to heal the mistrust that was in my

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Back when Boyfriend and I began dating I asked him if he was looking for an exclusive relationship. He clearly stated he was monogamous.This does not, however, guarantee perpetual monogamy. People seldom remain the same. We are not a formula or mathematical equation – we are human, in a constant state of flux, discovery