What are some tips for smarter learning?

You should understand your own body and how it works. Some tips

  • Form a habit. No to one time big time study session. Learn little by little consistently. And the time in between your study session, your brain is crunching the knowledge without you knowing
  • No to stress. This alone is a very big topic. Your brain will not absorb well under pressure. So studying few days before an exam is suicide. Manage your schedule well.
  • Exercise. Good fitness will enable you to absorb more.
  • Sleep right after studying. For better absorption.
  • Don't just read or memorize. Rather, you should analyze! Think and ponder deeply on each subtlety of what you are studying. Ask yourself questions and try to answer them. Try to discover where are things leading, instead of waiting for it to be revealed to you.
  • Don't limit your material. You have the whole internet as material. Read wikipedia or watch youtube to have a gentle introduction on anything.
  • Remove distraction
  • Reward yourself. Make studying a happy experience

I have so many more. But I wish to leave you with one thing I follow myself. When you go sit down to study, remember that you can't control how much you will learn on that session. What you can only control is the amount of time you will spend and the focus/concentration that you will exert. So just focus on quality and not quantity.

What was the first invention and who invented it?

Arguably the first invention made by humans was something like the spear or the bow and arrow which would have made it easier for them to defend themselves against both animals and other humans, and also to hunt game.The wheel would have come along much later,

Why are people afraid of ghosts?

Very often, humans do not fear ghosts. Rather they fear the unknown. They fear something which they do not understand and something which they cannot predict. It's in the tendency of humans to not fear the dark but what's hidden in it.Just the same way humans fear