What are some tips on how to be more focused?

These are not "tips" but basic principles:
  1. get proper sleep-you can't be your best when you are chronically tired; you need a regular schedule of sufficient rest to have good brain functioning. A regular routine bedtime is important, 9pm bedtime is best. There is now evidence that when you sleep is when your brain gets it's housecleaning done. Here's one more reason why you need to get a good night's sleep.
  2. get proper nourishment-What you eat goes to your head; junk food is not called that for no reason, eat clean nourishing foods of good varieties. Go for lighter foods, more vegetarian dishes, less meats. Also, don't eat too much; the optimum balance of a meal should leave the stomach ½ food, ¼ liquid, ¼ empty. Being slightly still hungry is far better than being stuffed which can cause dullness. When your stomach is digesting, it takes energy. That leaves less energy for mental and physical activities at that time. Take time to digest a full meal properly by sitting for 15 minutes before getting up.
  3. Get good exercise-you need to move around to stay in shape, stay limber, to stay healthy. Don't overdue it, but definitely don't neglect it. Walk where you can instead of taking elevators or a car. Clear your weekends for outdoor sports, whatever you find what works best, just be active. A half hour daily exercise such as a walk is a minimum.
  4. Discover what more there is to life-most people thing the best way to be focused is to focus. This is ignoring the rest of life that is a crucial aspect of the fundamental ability to focus-silence within you. The distracting thoughts of worries, anger, and desires, buildup of tensions and stress in the body that creates distractions to the mind and prevent deep sleep or proper digestion, headaches and other psychosomatic health problems-these are all deeper problems not getting removed by sleep and decrease the ability to focus. If you've ever had the thought that there must be more to life, there must be a way to relieve these stresses, then you are on the right track, the answer is yes. The absolute best way to get deep rest and expand your mind (which encompasses your capacity to focus) is to regularly practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. TM is a simple technique that allows you to experience a unique state of restful alertness unlike waking state (what you experience now), dreaming, or deep sleep. It allow the experience of restful alertness which has a unique brain signature unlike waking, dreaming, or deep sleep. Practice TM regularly and you will quickly get what you've been missing-profoundly deep cleansing wakeful silence, and relief from deeper-rooted stresses. The benefits go beyond sleep, beyond diet. Ray Dalio who runs the most successful hedge fund in the world has been practicing the TM technique for over 40 years and credits TM for giving him his edge. Learn about the Transcendental Meditation technique.

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