What are some tips to make him see that I won't fall in love all over again?

... er, get on with your life.

If he pursues you or engages in flirting or encouraging language, be honest rather than just ignoring it.

(I'm assuming the in love... again is that you both have some history together)

"Tom, look, thanks for taking an interest in me, but seriously, it's just not something I want or appreciate."

If he doesn't take the strong hint, then escalate.

"Tom, please, I've tried to make it clear that I'm not interested. Please do not contact me or try to engage with me."


Is atheism against same sex marriage?

Atheism pertains to one topic and one topic only: The BELIEF in the existence of a god. Atheists BELIEVE there is no evidence of the existence of a god. It is possible that an atheist could be for or against any other social construct, including gay marriage, abortion or wearing helmets while driving motorcycles. An atheist can

What's a cool/useful skill that you can learn within an hour?

Connecting ideas are how new ideas originate ... it is the basis for creativity. Most of the time we time in terms of finding more ideas to add to our list of consideration ... the more new ideas to connect, the more chances of improving your

Is it legal to use a railroad track as a running trail?

Railroad tracks are private property, usually owned by the railroad that runs trains on them. You would be trespassing if you did so.Many people have pointed out in their answers that it is dangerous, which should be obvious. Dozens of people get run over