What are some underrated visiting places in India?

Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Corbett is the nature lover's ultimate reward. Trails, and treks leading to endless jungle, either man-made or nature offer the ultimate pleasure to those who seek. Wildlife Safaris in Corbett National Park- Wildlife, Jeep and elephant Safaris are the ideal way of exploring. In fact, jungle safari tours have added excitement and fun to the journey. There are number of ways to cover the Jim Corbett National Park. Jim Corbett National Park endorses Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, Bird Safari, Elephant Safari, Fishing safari and the Nature walk.You can explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Safari that unfolds the beauty of the Jim Corbett Park in India. Wildlife Safari of this park is a delight for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers. Away from the confines of mundane life, the Corbett Jeep safari is a journey into the world that is still untouched by mechanization. The Indian wildlife safari explores the basic wilderness still alive in the Jim Corbett National Park. Several species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, leopard, the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles, over 450 species of birds and the elusive, nocturnal Royal Bengal tiger...you can find them at the verdant Jim Corbett National Park.

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Yercaud,Tamil Nadu

There are many unexplored and underrated places in India like kheerganga, tosh valley kasol, aani and many more. People haven't seen the real beauty of these places as they don't know where to start and where to go exactly in their time frame. Visit Howdy Highlands - Best off beat Trip Organizers in India and explore India like never before see the real beauty of India.

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