What are some unknown facts about Indian politicians?

1) Suresh Kalmadi & Rajesh Pilot were the first 2 pilots to go on sorty to East Pakistan in 1971,  at the beginning of Indo-Pak war.

2) Guljari Lal Nanda was very poor, even after staying Deputy PM & Minister for decades

3) Major General BC Khanduri, An army veteran oversaw the biggest construction of roadways in India. Golden Quadrilateral Project as Surface Transport minister

4) Haryana saw mass defections of epic proportions to save/topple governments during Bansilal, Bhajanlal era, leading to new lingo  Aayaa raam, Gayaa raam

5) Swami Agnivesh was minister in Haryana Cabinet.

6) Indra Kumar Gujral is the only PM, who didn't wear Khadi clothes while winning trust-vote.

7) 90's started with IK Gujral (then external affairs minister) hugging Saddam Hussain. noted writer on defence affairs Bharat Karnad had criticised it saying It won't end well, probably within a decade. True to his words, Jaswant Singh had to sign off 90's with literally escorting Maulana Azhar & others to Kandahaar to free up Indian Airlines plane.

8) R Gundurao, youth congress president in 1980 was elevated to Karnataka CM post, purely based on whim of Sanjay Gandhi. Having booked buses at Coorg, He was uninhibited in pomp & luxury. He would inaugurate swimming pools, by swimming first in them.. Jokes were abound that he might get shock from Electric Current, if asked to inaugurate Electricity projects.....

9) NT Ramarao, Heart-throb of United Andhra Pradesh won more than 2/3'rd majority in 1983 defeating Congress. He didn't know Hindi, but memorised an entire Hindi speech of 15+ minutes & uttered it while campaigning in Haryana in 1989.

10) Chidambaram was the first minister to write an entire policy dicument of commerce ministry on his laptop & got it into Act. That rebellious act so much angered the work force (Typists, Brokers & such...) that they literally thrashed his office. He was saved by nick of time....

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