What are some useful hacks for smartphones?

I dont know much about the hacks of a smartphone Vishal, but if your question should have been related to an Iphone, i would have shared some mind blowing tricks with you!

Regarding smartphones, you can use this trick to have your private wikipedia in your whatsapp :

Add these numbers as Wiki, wiki2

  1. 9043560209
  2. 9043017568

Create a whatsapp group with just you,wiki & wiki2

Now ask any question like :

Wiki <space> "time of the day"

You'll get your answer!!



Lucky patcher:

It is an app which is able to rewrite in-app purchases of some games and apps,in which you can buy game coins,money,gp and diamonds without any cost,but works only with some apps and games

Androdumper and wps wpa tester

Both of these were is used to hack wifi devices nearby you with wps wpa encryption,it could decrypt wifi devices if mac address filter disabled in that wifi router

Is a chit fund a good saving instrument to invest money?

Savings instrumenmt - YES, investment part requires an active participation from the investor. If this helps - Intelligent Investing in ROSCA Funds (also called Gye, Hui, Arisan, Chit, Susu, Pandero, Tanda, Cundinas)-Aravindan

My boyfriend never calls me, only texts, what should I do?

I am one person who hates Texting!!!!Ok if he usually calls you when you guys started then now he only texts you......something is breaking and its not him or you its your relationship.Tell me something is it usually the same time he always calls