What are some ways of earning money on the internet?

There are numerous ways to earn money on the internet. I will separate them into 2 categories: passive and non-passive methods.

Non-passive methods of making money online:

There are a number of methods you can use to make money online through your work, including:

  • content writing - become a freelance writer for other blogs, websites, or news outlets. In Canada or the Unites States, many freelance companies pay hourly wages or pay per article. You can expect to earn between $10-$30/hour depending on your skill level, the niche/topic, and how fast you write.
  • creating your own blog or website: by creating your own platform, you can monetize traffic/visitors and make money online. You can do this through affiliate marketing or display advertising.
  • sell an e-book: write a book about a topic you are passionate about and self-publish online!
  • consulting: are you an SEO expert? Knowledgeable in finances, accounting, or some other topic? Look online to see what services are in demand!
  • sell your designs on print on demand sites: Websites like society6 or redbubble pay artists for selling their designs in the form of merchandise (sweaters, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc). These print-on-demand websites take care of production, shipping, and returns. All you need to do is create your designs, upload them, and market them.

Now, onto forms of passive earning!

  • Watch videos and get rewarded - I wrote an in-depth guide on 11 easy ways you can make passive income online, and I recommend checking it out! The idea is essentially to watch videos on websites that reward you with cash. There are a number of websites and platforms that can accomplish this, and while you will not earn a lot of money, you can still make some nice pocket change!
  • Sell your user data: many data collection agencies are willing to pay for your data. Websites like DataCoup - Reclaim your personal data for example connect to your social media accounts and pay for your user data. MobileXpression or Mobile Performance Meter are smartphone applications that pay for your data. If you're looking for other ways to earn money online with smartphones, you can check out this guide on how to make money with phones.
  • Mine cryptocurrency: I would only suggest cryptocurrency mining if you have immensely cheap or free electricity. Before you start mining, be sure to look at a cryptocurrency profitability calculator to see if you can even earn. However, I DO NOT recommend investing in a mining rig or machinery.

Best of luck in your online money making journey!

If you are interested, my website This Online World has a list of online resources for earning money or making passive income and I think it could be of some assistance!


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