What are some young professional hacks?

A hack implies a shortcut or the easy way to do something. The following suggestions are challenging at first, but once you ingrain them into your mindset, they should flow more easily. If you do these things, you are bound to see results.

  1. Don't underestimate the power of listening and empathy. Try to understand your coworkers, your manager, your business, etc. If you can recognize why people act the way they do, then you can understand what information, delivery, and follow through will be most helpful to them.
  2. Try not to take yourself too seriously. You can take your work seriously, but don't be so self-important or rigid that you can't be flexible, adapt, and have fun. Also, this allows you to not take any feedback or criticism personally.
  3. Be aware that it is a Small World. Ok, you don't need to sing the song. But, it's important to be open to the synchronicity of life and not to shocked when seemingly unrelated people or things connect. For example, don't have a loud phone conversation on the bus  about how much you hate your boss. You may just be sitting next to your boss' sister. Be kind to others and open to connections.

Remember, it's not you against the world but you as part of the world. That attitude goes far and will help you thrive and be recognized.

Always maintain (and adjust accordingly) long term goals, while focusing on a variety of short term goals. This will help keep you motivated, feel a sense of success and pride as you progress, and help you optimize your time management for your life's countless endeavors.
Keep your schedule organized. Life can get busy, but it's important to keep your appointments, relationships, and personal activities all accounted for and visually represented in a place you'll monitor often such as a calendar on a wall or desk, phone calendar, on your computer, anywhere and everywhere are the best places!
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Android had already overtaken the mobile market and Nokia's proprietary Symbian OS was left unupdated for over a long time and was struggling to keep its share. Microsoft on the other hand looking for a chance to get into hardware market felt it was the right time and bought Nokia.