What are the 5 best things in life people overlook?

Ooooh, great question! I am thinking. The sky...sometimes so beautiful and full of interesting things....like flocks of birds, eagles soaring,rainbows...I do not like hats, because they cut out the sky.

Watching children...any children. They are so often in their fantastic worlds, and you can see their questions and wonder. especially in supermarket lines!

Occasionally, tiny plants pop up where we do not want them, all on their own! Especially when one is trying to create a perfect garden, or follow a path in the woods. These thousands of plants just never quit. We all may perish, but those plants will take the lead and flourish!

How precious it can be when you are all alone. Free to think your own thoughts without anyone disagreeing with you, getting in your way, or not letting you sleep. Some of us are simply terrified of being alone! Peculiar.

Water...such a blessing! Beautiful sometimes, ferocious other times, absolutely necessary to our lives from beginning to the end. Feels great because we have tamed it to our needs.

  1. Being nice to others even if they don't deserve it. Everyone deserves this, and if they don't, being nice confounds them.
  2. Being polite to your elders. This gets harder and harder as you age-you become that elder person.
  3. The little things, a child's smile, a flower, a gentle breeze. The little things in life.
  4. Patience with people in lines, in traffic, in crowds.
  5. Be still at times and listen to nature, thunder, rain, the wind.
  6. Sun rise seen again and sunset as the day ends. Some people never see this because they are blind.
  7. Life is fleeting. Enjoy what you have, a little or a lot.
  8. A smile is all you need at times.
  9. Listening is a forgotten ability.
  10. Be attentive about today, it is all you have with 100% certainty. Yesterday can't be changed and you may be at the undertakers tomorrow.

I know I exceeded the question's parameters. Do more in life, not less, and you will be happier! Less worried. And you might not be with the undertaker for a long long time!

The feeling of fresh air entering your lungs in the morning after a long rain.

The smell of garlic and butter simmering in a skillet.

Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

Puppies/dogs sleeping on you.

Sitting on the beach at night looking up toward the universe, listening to the waves crash in front of you.



The wind

The color green

Their inner life

  1. The taste of water
  2. The joy of eating ice cream at random
  3. The joy of sitting and doing nothing
  4. The exhilaration after a good long jog.
  5. The smell of (a) a freshly mowed lawn, (b) brewing coffee (c) moist earth after a rain shower.

Sitting outside at 4am, feeling the breeze, listening to the world uninterrupted.

Listening to a song you love with headphones on and loud enough to feel it in your bones.

Stretching after sitting on a desk all day, cracking the bones in your back and hips (I love this. I don't even know if it's bad that I do it.)

Watching storms light up the sky, thunder and heavy rain in the background.

Going for a run or a walk really really early, seeing the usually busy streets empty.

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