What are the bad habits to avoid in order to become better daily?

I want share couple of things.

1). Social Media- When you wake up in the morning never take your mobile for checking wats app and facebook messages. Try yo avoid this

2). Talking on phone too much will not bring you anything. But time you spent on phone will ruin your life. Try to avoid this

3). JunkFood: Eating junk food in the morning and at night will not make you day as you want. Try to avoid them

4). Try to avoid chatting with unnecessary people because time is so precious try to use it

How to know when you're truly in love? How does one fall in love

There are many types of love. At the core of love is giving, without the expectations of reciprocity. When you are in a romantic love, your heart and mind is filled with fulfilment, and a sense of joy associated with that person. You look forward

Why do people tell me I'm wrong for hitting my wife?

For the same reason people tell you the sky is blue.Because unless you have a specific consensual and agreed-upon arrangement (such as a BDSM thing that both partners enjoy and agree to), hitting a spouse is wrong.Outside of such an arrangement, there is no justifiable reason for any human to hit another human. Doing so is wrong.And it

Is it a crime to hack a Facebook account?

Hacking is a crime and is not at the same time, depending upon what you hack and your intentions. If you are hacking under the law i.e. white hat hacking, no it's not a crime. But on the other hand if you are