What are the benefits of getting 6-pack abs?

  1. Vanity, of course.
  2. To maintain a six-pack, then you need to typically pursue at least a decent set of eating habits unless you have a very high metabolism and naturally low body fat. For this reason, having a six-pack requires you to maintain discipline that can be beneficial in other regards.
  3. You're more explosive athletically. Your core provides flexion of the spine, which is vitally important for explosive full-body physical activities. This generally makes it easier to incorporate your whole body into athletic moves (pulling your whole body up, breaking into a full sprint).
  4. There's a better chance you can flex to take a punch to the gut.
  5. It's easier to know when you're holding yourself up correctly (i.e. straight) as you sit and stand by straightening out your abdominals.

How to know if you have abs

Determining wether you have abs is as tricky as determining if this question was asked by someone with an intelligence quotient smaller than the number of frienships they've managed to keep until this present day.BUT, no worries, there is actually a system that I've personally created to

How should I grow my muscles if I don't have time to go to the gym?

That's the problem you are looking for time to go to gym. I used to go Gym now I start learning how to exercise at home. Drive to gym, change cloth do exercise, change cloth/shower and drive back to home. So much overhead time wasted. What I need just enough space for me to do push up

What did you start doing that drastically increased your level of fitness?

Chris Hadfield the Canadian astronaut and former fighter piolot once said that astronauts do not cross their fingers on take-off. Formalities and preparatory stages completed with dependable outcomes almost guaranteed. Planning and spadework is everything. This would include giving thought to