What are the benefits of the alkaline diet?

I disagree with the other respondents. My research, study and personal experience with myself and my clients demonstrates resoundingly that eating an alkaline diet heals our body. Let's just go into the corner of 'common sense' for a minute. 1) Chronic disease escalates every day, with new names for new diagnosis, new 'conditions' emerging likewise every day. And while heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity lead the way, poor digestion is a common precursor to each of these problems. 2) Natural Laws: the food that the earth provides, the food that synergistically provides all the right balances of nutrition is grossly processed into forms that no longer offer any nutritional value all for the convenience long shelf lives. 3) We've all been raised on 'fast-food' nation, where the nutritional value is a total abomination. 4) In pure scientific theory, alkalizing foods support optimal bodily functions.  At this juncture in history, it is paramount that we correlate the impact of food on the state of our health, on the physical, emotional and Spiritual levels. The food you eat can literally shape who you think you are, and all your thoughts, words and actions will spin from that 'state.'
What are some of the best conversations between a husband and a wife?

# FictionalAt 6:00 a.m. in the morning.Wife :*Waking up her husband *You idiot fool person...You don't love me,right?Husband : *half awake* Ehhh?? What??Wife : What do you think I am? A fool, an Idiot??Husband : Whaaattt?? Are you all right? Are you having fever baby?Wife

Are pushups good for skinny teens?

Yes, they do build the upper body, there are many types of push-ups that an individual can include in their routine like the conventional push-ups, Superman push-ups, diamond push-ups, spiderman push-ups, single arm push-ups etc. The difficulty level of various push-ups ranges from very easy to very very hard. Here are some reasons why everyone should include

Can a 12-year-old date a 14-year-old?

I feel weird posting now seeing how judgemental other people are about it, but I answered a really similar question just now and I want to share it again here:Well...I did/am.When I was twelve, I met a boy who was in