What are the best Indian breakfast dishes that a beginner can learn to cook?

There are so many options like upma, pongal, idli/dosa (if batter is readily available) even paranthas do not take long to cook. Try this broken wheat recipe that's quick and healthy too. Veggie Daliya / Daliya Pulao / Savory Cracked Wheat recipe / Savory Broken Wheat recipe / Bulgar Recipe - Indian Recipe Secrets

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Daliya Upma and Poha recipes are easy, here's the recipe: http://foodmunching.weebly.com/i...
What are the odds of a world war in the next 20 years?

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Is Google better than Apple and Microsoft?

I would say, all these companies are maestros of the modern world! We can not compare them between each other.After all, they are what we work with and use all day.Android - GoogleIOS - AppleWindows - MicrosoftThese companies have blessed the world with their technologies and software. Whatever has ever been built by these

How to learn to be alone and happy

Use the memories of what you thought-did, and what the results were. Use them to see why you got to the point of asking that question?What do you want in life?If you want to succeed, as you define it, and create a great life,