What are the best RV travel hacks?

Put vent covers on your 14x14 roof vents. Not only do they keep rain out they let the more moist air rise out when you are not using the RV. Dry air sinks, moist air rises. Dry storage equals long RV life

I leave ever park with 1/3 of a tank of clean water. The trip cleans the black tank better than any gadget or chemicals. Clean tank has no odor, meaning less or no chemicals when tank is in use.

Not a hack, but always torque your lug nuts before a trip, especially aluminum rims. I have had lugs come loose one time, and it is a potentially fatal situation. And check tire pressure while you are at it.

Become absolutely familiar with your RV. Don't assume that since you bought it new that it needs no attention as if it was a new car. They need attention.

Put a slide topper on all slides. Not only stops dirt and debris from entering the RV when you retract but WATER also.

Stay vigilant on any water penetration on exterior. Learn what to look for.

If you are over 62, get a Senior National Park Pass. It used to be $10 but just went to $80. We get at least $200 a year out of ours. You actually only need one as everyone in the car/rv gets in on it.

Small correction: $20 for an annual pass, $80 for a lifetime.

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Can I call animal control for constant barking by dogs?

If there is a noise ordinance law in your neighborhood you can call for incessant/nuisance barking but they will only warn the owners unless something else is going on. It would take a few calls and proof, and therefore TIME.Time in which the dog(s) will probably keep barking. So, I will go a little in depth to

What were the secret objectives of the highly classified USAF X-37B unmanned space plane mission that is drawing to a close?

If the designation of this craft, X-37B, is accurate then it is clear what its purpose was - research.  That is what all X designation craft exist for.Prototype aircraft have a Y type designation.  That means they actually have a legitimate military mission but are not yet in production.

How long could Canada hold off an invasion from the U.S. if they decided to declare war?

No, we could not. Canada has about 100,000 troops (active and reserve) while the US has over a million. Canada has 78 combat aircraft, the US has 3000 plus. Canada has 100 tanks, the US has over 5000+. Canada has