What are the best Tastecard restaurants in London?

I recently ate at the Ognisko restaurant at the Polish Club in South Kensington. This is my review written on the Tastecard site.

  • Paul said: "Old World Charm and Great Food This was my 60th birthday treat, courtesy of an old friend. I also wanted to demonstrate to him how Tastecard works. Ognisko has an elegant dining room and a covered garden terrace overlooking a London Square. We arrived for an early Lunch, so early we had to wait for the menu (which changes daily) to be printed off.

    Starters were a Fig & Artichoke Salad and a Potato Pancake with Spiced Chicken. This was followed by Poached Salt Beef and a Pork Holsteiner Schnitzel with Fried Egg, Anchovy fillets and Saute Potatoes.We finished with a Cheese Board (extensive enough for two) and Sorbet with a frozen vodka. We had the House Wine, an excellent French Red. Everything was delicious and in "Central European" portions.

    Al a carte prices are very reasonable for the location, South Kensington close to the Museums and the Albert Hall. With the Tastecard they are incredible value. The ambience on the Terrace was lovely and the service was faultless. I hope to return again and the Tastecard concept was sold to my friend who plans to invest in one for him and his wife. "

Ognisko Restaurant in Kensington serves the finest Polish cuisine in London

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