What are the best airport tips when traveling with kids?

Children who have been taught from a very early age to be civil and patient in all public spaces such as malls, stores, restaurants, etc. will have no trouble adapting to airport - and even airplane - behavior.

Even so, children can get restless if they're wide awake with nothing to do. So rather than sitting them down in the waiting/boarding area, walk them up and down the main hallway until it's time to queue up for boarding; only sit when necessary. Have each carry a very small bag or backpack containing something to amuse them that doesn't involve lots of small, messy pieces (no coloring books) so they will be eager to sit still for a while. Do not permit running, romping or yelling - but if you raised them right, those won't be problems.

Do animals appreciate it when humans save their lives?

About 12 years ago, while I was out shopping with my husband, we stopped at a local antique store just to browse. It was a cold, beak, drizzling April day. As we arrive we saw a small whitish colored dog who was trying to get shelter under a

What is the best way to transition from bodybuilding to powerlifting?

A simple way to explain it, would be...1. Add weight/lower the reps2. Increase rest periods between sets3. Decrease time under tension4. Decrease number of useless isolation exercises5. Stop putting your feet up on the bench to isolate the pecs, and plant them on the floor, so you can use leg drive

Can Google Translate be trusted as an accurate translator?

Google Translate has gotten better for languages with lots of internet presence written in the Latin Alphabet:EnglishGermanSpanishPortugueseFrenchDutchI have found serious problems though, even with Quora questions that based their grammar on Google Translate:Brian Collins's answer to How do you say "Does it snow every year here?" in German?Oddly, Google Translate was using the German verb ‘cut'