What are the best exercises for shoulders?

Shoulders. Such an important muscle group for seekers of aesthetic perfection. It's no exaggeration if I said that my whole training program mainly revolves around shoulders.

As Frank Zane had said at some point, it's the peripheral muscles that will give you an impressively aesthetic look (shoulders, forearms, calves). He would also not train traps directly, as it reduces the perception of width and steals from your shoulders (something I apply as well).

What is your diet and workout plan?

Right now i want to gain wait and mass on my body so my diet plan is like :-7 am: 1 tbsp amla juice, 1 tbsp aloe vera juice, 1 glass of water.9 am: a big bowl of bajra daliya with 1 glass of milk, 1 banana, handful of nuts(almonds, wall nuts)

What is the best Indian diet for weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance?

There is no Best diet as such for for weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance , rather an integrated holistic approach would definitely be helpful in the long run. Below are the eight rules I have been following and reduced

What is the quickest way to keep your weight down?

There's a trade-off between speed and long-term stability. Very rapid weight loss requires a very specialized diet (e.g., the celery and water diet) which is not sustainable as a daily diet. So people who use such rapid-loss diets generally return to their regular diet after losing weight-that is, the same diet that