What are the best gifts choices for a newly married couple?

Top items that are considered when it comes to wedding gifts are couple watch, home décor, crockery or cash (Cash in an envelope is considered as a token of love). But if you are looking for something unique that will make you stand out in the crowd then, it has to be a personalized photo product.

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I left some money out on purpose to test my friend to see if I could trust him and he took it. Now he's lying up and down after I told him it was a trap. What should I do?

I hope you didn't leave a lot of money out for him. Consider this a lesson learned. Education comes at a cost. And this lesson came at the price of how much he took.Trust is earned. It can also be taken away.Before you want to know the truth about someone, ask yourself what if it's not

What are the causes of osteoporosis, and how can it be prevented?

Conventional medicine is not very helpful when it comes to the causes of osteoporosis, usually offering a description of what is happening to bone density rather than what is causing the loss of bone density.For example, the UK's NHS website does not give a cause for

What are some cardio workouts that are great for the upper body?

Rowing, Versa CLimber, Cross country skiing, Swimming, KrankCycle - Krankcycle® - WelcomeYou should also take a look at High Intensity Resistance Training (aka HIRT) - while not technically cardio, this form of training is showing great benefits in improving cardio function, metabolism and of course muscular performanceHIRT Workout....No Equipment.....No Problem