What are the best hackathons? And who creates them?

I helped organize HackIllinois, so I am biased, but based on research I conducted at the event, there are different measures of success for each person. These are the best hackathons depending on what your goal is, organized by some of the main motivations for attending hackathons.

For Prestige-These hackathons are known for drawing the best of the best. Participants will likely be have several hackathons under their belt and are in it to win it. Just getting in is a big deal. Attending one of these have become something to highlight on the resume.
  • PennApps
  • HackMIT (Are becoming a bit more beginner-friendly, but still very competitive.)
  • HackNY
  • YC Hacks

For the Crowd-Where the bigger is better. These hackathons bring in 1000+ people and put them in a big stadium, making it easier to walk about and make connections. People feed off of each other's energy, but these hackathons often experience troubles with food/power/wifi due to scaling constraints.
  • MHacks
  • LAHacks
  • HackTech

For Fun-These hackathons are more beginner-friendly, often offering support for training and mentorship. Less than 1000 participants, attendees tend to be more local to the area (within 500 miles). A great environment if you need to focus as these are some of the most smoothly run hackathons.
  • HackIllinois
  • BoilerMake
  • BitCamp
  • HackTX
  • Hack@Brown

For Non-Programmers/Practice-A good way to dip your toe in the water and getting experience before going to a bigger hackathon.
  • Design & Hack
  • Startup Weekends Worldwide
  • Company-sponsored hackathons at your University

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